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October 22, 2021  
REFERENCE: Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I had left shoulder acromioplasty 8 days ago for impingement and a small rotator tear. My surgeon did not repair the rotator tear, yet "cleaned" things up and resurfaced the acromion. Today I started developing a tingling sensation in my pinky and ring finger of the affected arm. Is there reason for concern? I did have a nerve block, which left me without feeling for over 48 hours. I have complete feeling now but also this tingling.
Answered by Ken Alleyne M.D. on November 08, 2001
A: The most appropriate management would be to follow-up directly with your orthopaedic surgeon. Your symptoms could be associated with your block or may be a different problem that should be examined.
Q: Five months ago I had acromioplasty. Since then I have had two rounds of physical therapy, one manipulation but continues to have severe pain. My range of motion is normal. I was discharged from physical therapy because of this. Is there anything else I can do?
Answered by Ken Alleyne M.D. on November 08, 2001
A: You should speak with your orthopaedic physician. There is a chance that you have a problem with the rotator cuff or the shoulder joint itself (labral tear-kind of like the bumper of the shoulder). An MRI may be in order.
Q: I am having open acromioplasty surgery and also part of my collarbone removed due to arthritis. What is this later part of the surgery procedure is called and what I might expect? I am told this will be done as an outpatient procedure.

Answered by Ken Alleyne M.D. on November 08, 2001
A: The procedure is outpatient and the latter procedure is called a distal clavicle resection. This is a way to treat arthritis in the AC joint of the shoulder. It provides very predictable pain relief.
Q: I just had arthroscopic acromioplasty last Thursday. The exit instructions at the hospital included "do Codman exercises." I understand what these are, but nobody gave information about quantity.

Answered by Ken Alleyne M.D. on November 08, 2001
A: This is a question that definitely should be only answered by your surgeon. The amount and frequency differs from physician to physician.
Q: I am having an arthroscopic acromioplasty next week (no rotator cuff tear). the doctor stated is going to shave down acromion and debried. How long will the rehabilitation take?
Answered by Ken Alleyne M.D. on November 08, 2001
A: Rehab varies from person to person. I would conservatively give yourself 6-8 weeks to get to a steady state. You may not need to be in formal rehab the entire time and could be discharged to a home exercise program.
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