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October 18, 2021  
SHOULDER NEWS: Feature Archives

arthritis September 16, 2014
Protein Appears to Protect Against Bone Loss in Arthritis:
A small protein named GILZ appears to protect against the bone loss that often accompanies arthritis and its treatment, researchers report.

little league August 14, 2014
Risk Factors Identified for Little League Shoulder:
As cases of Little League Shoulder (LLS) occur more frequently, the need for additional information about the causes and outcomes of the condition has become clear.

shoulder July 10, 2014
Orthopedic outcomes affected by activity level:
Patients' activity level is a strong predictor for how well they will do with certain treatments and how well they recover from injuries after treatment.

treatment January 14, 2014
Understanding the Full Impact of Treatments is Important for Patients with Rotator Cuff Injury:
Approximately one-third of rotator cuff tears will require surgery, with the remaining injuries benefiting from nonsurgical treatment including pain medication and rehabilitation exercises.

surgery December 10, 2013
Joint Replacement Surgery Could Become A Thing Of The Past With New Theory On Genesis Of Osteoarthritis:
Researchers now have evidence that the bone underneath the cartilage is also a key player and exacerbates the damage of osteoarthritis.

tablet June 13, 2013
Recommendations For Tablet Computer Use To Avoid Shoulder Pain:
Head and neck posture during tablet computer use can be improved by placing the tablet higher to avoid low gaze angles, and through the use of a case that provides optimal viewing angles.

pitching May 07, 2013
3-D Motion Detection System Could Prevent Shoulder Injuries In Baseball Pitchers:
A new 3-D motion detection system could help identify baseball pitchers who are at risk for shoulder injuries.

surgeon February 07, 2013
New IDSA Guidelines Aim To Reduce Death, Disability And Cost Of Prosthetic Joint Infections:
Multispecialty physician teams need to work together to reduce disability, death and costs associated with the ever-growing number of prosthetic joint infections.

biceps January 03, 2013
Biceps Tenodesis Hastens Recovery From Shoulder Injuries:
By removing tension on the injured area, this procedure alleviates pain and discomfort and allows the restoration of mobility and strength in the arm.

elderly December 06, 2012
The Challenges Of Shoulder Dislocation In Older Patients:
A new study examines the differences in dislocation injuries between older and younger patients and suggests an approach to evaluate older patients that could help improve diagnosis and management of interrelated injuries.

September 06, 2012
High Prevalence Of Recurring Shoulder Instability Injuries Among Young Athletes Playing Contact Sports:
Summer is a peak season for many sports, and with that comes sport-related injuries--including shoulder joint dislocation.

August 09, 2012
Rehabilitation Following Rotator Cuff Surgery Requires Change:
Study suggests that the current rehabilitation may be partially to blame for the high rates of failed healing after surgery

July 15, 2012
Increased Risk Of Post-Surgical Infection After Total Joint Replacement In Patients With High Blood Sugar:
High blood sugar is a concern during the post-traumatic and post-operative period and it may help to preoperatively identify a population of patients with musculoskeletal injuries who are at significant risk for infectious complications.

June 07, 2012
Common Shoulder Injury Treated Non-Surgically May Increase Chances Of Return-To-Play:
Surgically repairing a painful shoulder injury in baseball players known as a SLAP tear (superior labral) varies widely and often doesn't allow for return to play at the same level as before the injury.

May 03, 2012
Researchers Find Joint Failures Potentially Linked To Oral Bacteria:
DNA testing of bacteria from the fluid that lubricates hip and knee joints had bacteria with the same DNA as the plaque from patients with gum disease

April 05, 2012
Cell Phones Contribute to Shoulder and Neck Pain:
Recent research done at Temple University indicates that frequently using your phone to text and email may lead to shoulder and neck pain.

January 10, 2012
Unprecedented International Effort To Improve Safety Of Orthopedic Devices:
ICOR is in the process of developing a collaborative process for improving the safety of orthopedic devices using outcomes registries from the U.S. and other countries.

September 27, 2011
New Medication Could Extend Life of Arthritic Joints:
A medication already approved to build bone mass in patients with osteoporosis also builds cartilage around joints and could potentially be repurposed to treat millions of people suffering from arthritis.

August 08, 2011
Novel Night Time Healing is Key to Shoulder Pain Relief :
Dr. Michael Caroll is the inventor of ROTATORELIEVER, which is a device guaranteed to releive and heal shoulder pain.

July 18, 2011
Different Measuring Techniques May Lead to Incomplete Shoulder Injury Treatment :
Stabilization of scapula while measuring shoulder internal rotation proves most reliable

June 22, 2011
Your Arthritis Or Psoriasis Meds May Also Help Lower Diabetes Risk:
Medication for rheumatoid arthritis may lower risk of developing diabetes.

May 26, 2011
Accurate Identification Of Shoulder Injury By MDCT Arthrography:
MDCT arthrography is better than MR arthrography for diagnosing potential causes of recurrence after shoulder surgery

April 24, 2011
Osteoarthritis: What You Know Could Save Your Joints!:
27 Million Americans live with Osteoarthritis. The more you know about the condition, the greater your chance for success in finding the help that you need.

March 15, 2011
Lighten Your Load and Improve Your Shoulder Health:
Heavy purses may be the cause of your chronic shoulder pain.

December 20, 2010
Risk Of Recreational Shoulder Injuries Common Around The Holidays:
According to sports medicine doctors at Hospital for Special Surgery, older and newly active recreational athletes are particularly at risk for shoulder injuries.

September 18, 2010
Good Clinical Results for Pyrocarbon Shoulder Prostheses:
Tornier, Inc., a global leader in extremity and sports medicine orthopaedics, announced the successful early clinical results of the first seven pyrocarbon shoulder prostheses.

July 06, 2010
Rotator Cuff Injuries Treatable, But Evidence Is Unclear Whether Surgery Is Preferable:
According to a new comparative effectiveness report published by HHS' AHRQ, it is unclear which treatment option - surgery or nonsurgical treatments such as exercise or medication - is best for rotator cuff injuries.

June 22, 2010
Video Games and Shoulder Pain:
Active video games such as Nintendo’s Wii can lead to repetitive stress injury and shoulder pain.

May 10, 2010
Shrug Off Shoulder Surgery Myth :
Total shoulder replacements as safe as swapping out hips and knees, according to Hopkins researchers

February 17, 2010
Walking Linked to Eased Osteoarthritis, Study Suggests:
"Progressive walking" combined with glucosamine sulphate supplementation has been shown to improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

January 27, 2010
FARES Method May Reduce Anterior Shoulder Dislocation with Less Pain:
In a study recently published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Greek orthopedic surgeons describe the FARES method of anterior should dislocation reduction that causes less pain than the current two methods of reduction.

January 08, 2010
McCoy's Injured Shoulder Brings Awareness to Pinched Nerves:
When University of Texas quarterback Colt McCoy left Thursday night's national championship game after what looked like an innocent hit, millions of people wondered just what happened. The injury he suffered was not particularly damaging to his future, but pinched nerves can be quite painful until they heal.

September 24, 2008
Exercises for Optimum Shoulder Health:
Your neck and shoulders take a lot of physical stress. The shoulder is particularly vulnerable to injury because of its ball and socket design...

July 17, 2007
Dallas Doctor Develops Promising Procedure for "Frozen Shoulder Syndrome":
Dr. Francis X. Murphy developed a new treatment that has been extremely effective for patients...

March 19, 2007
Pain in the Back, Shoulder, or Neck? Over Half of Women Polled Blame Their Bra:
A recent poll indicated that 59 percent of women ‘sometimes’ or ‘rarely’ experience back, neck, or shoulder pain associated with bra use...

November 06, 2006
New Technique Can Help Patients with "Frozen Shoulder" Syndrome:
A new technique known as a subscapularis nerve block has shown promise for patients suffering from frozen shoulder syndrome...

September 20, 2006
In It for the Long Haul – Part Two:
The first thing I tell people is to check their work station if their hands or arms are irritated from using the keyboard...

August 31, 2006
In It for the Long Haul – Avoiding Repetitive Motion Disorders:
Tap, tap, tap. Peck, peck, peck. It seems that we’ve turned into bird people except instead of having beaks, we use our fingers...

August 18, 2006
Outlook Improves for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients :
What a difference 40 or 50 years makes. These days, the story on rheumatoid arthritis – at least in this case – is much less tragic. Indeed, with state-of-the-art medicines...

July 20, 2006
Measured Steps – Part Two:
As Tannen observed in Part One of her story about living close to 30 years with systemic lupus, taking a proactive stance and getting involved in the Arthritis Foundation did much to get her out...

July 06, 2006
Measured Steps – A Life with Systemic Lupus:
It started innocently enough – the symptoms of systemic lupus erythematosus, an exceptionally debilitating form of arthritis that can be so painful the thought of getting out of bed can make a grown woman cry...

June 20, 2006
Reaching New Heights: Trampolines More Dangerous Than Most Parents Realize:
What could be better than bouncing around on a trampoline? Well, a lot of things, according to your doctor...

June 09, 2006
Keeping Young Pitchers’ Elbows Safe in Little League:
Little League days and nights have arrived once again. The sounds are all there: the soft, satisfying thunk of the ball homing into the catcher’s mitt. The problem, of course, is that like most sports, baseball is competitive...

May 19, 2006
Rotator Cuff Tear Sidelines Conductor:
Both the Boston Symphony and the Metropolitan Opera will temporarily be without its maestro because of a shoulder injury. Conductor James Levine was injured...

May 04, 2006
Care from the Kindness of Strangers – Part Two:
Lottie Reisenberger continues her story about caregiving outside the apartment of one her clients. “Since we are using assumed names for your story, I can talk a little about what my work is like...

April 21, 2006
Care from the Kindness of Strangers:
The truth is most of us will need the help of a caregiver at some point in our lives. While some of us will be fortunate enough to have that person be a family member, most will find themselves in the hands of those they do not know...

April 07, 2006
Obesity and Osteoarthritis Pain Linked:
Individuals suffering from obesity tend to have low thresholds for pain tolerance, a new study by Ohio State University professor of psychology Charles Emery suggests...

March 23, 2006
Many with Pain Suffer Needlessly:
As many as 1 in 5 sufferers of chronic pain do not seek medical help. Out of 3,575 adults surveyed in Minnesota between March and June of 2004, 2,211 reported chronic pain lasting longer than three months...

March 10, 2006
Robots to Bring X-rays to Life:
Having a pair of robots track your every move might seem like a strange science fiction dream, but in the future this could be the best way doctors get accurate and realistic images of certain orthopedic problems...

February 22, 2006
Service Dogs to the Rescue:
“I feel unbelievably lucky that Sasha picked me and decided I needed help, because I didn’t feel that I did,” said Harry Kiick of Vancouver, Washington of the amber-eyed German Shepherd at his side...

February 02, 2006
Hey Doc, When is it Safe to Get Back in the Game?:
Athletics is big business today, with an ever-growing fan base and multi-million dollar professional salaries. The higher expectations, means athletes at the professional as well as the collegiate and high school levels must be more competitive ...

January 20, 2006
Man’s Best Friend Helps with Arthritis Research:
There are more than 200 types of arthritis and these are infuriating diseases because, while there are preventive measures and medicine to help, there is no cure. A team of researchers and their canine friends are hoping to change that...

January 05, 2006
Use It or Lose It – From Knees to Spine to Shoulders and Beyond:
The effects of aging people feel in their knees, shoulders, and spinal column start amazingly early. Especially in the the spine, it’s not unusual for people in their thirties...

December 16, 2005
Be Careful Not to Shop ‘Til You Drop:
“During the holiday season we see a significant rise in patients who are experiencing back, shoulder and neck pain...

December 02, 2005
The Delicate Joint – Part Two:
In Beth Beggs’ case it was the rotator cuff, a group of muscles and tendons that not only hold the loose joint in place but also allow us to lift our arms overhead. One thing Begg’s trainer said was that she was right to attend to the problem as soon as she did...

November 17, 2005
The Delicate Joint:
We are so accustomed to living in our bodies and using our shoulders to heave-ho that we tend to take the ingenious construction of this joint for granted...

October 27, 2005
Reversing Shoulder Problems:
Imagine not being able to lift your arm to brush your hair or put the dishes in the cupboards. Luckily, a new technique known as a reverse total shoulder replacement is giving people with chronic shoulder pain a new beginning...

September 30, 2005
Research Shows Pomegranate Juice Protects Your Cartilage:
Pomegranates may stain your hands red and be tough to eat, but the results of a new study may prove that it is well worth it...

September 09, 2005
Shoulder Dislocation Common in Young Athletes:
The good news is that more and more high school students are participating in sports. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, the number of high school athletes has risen steadily since 2000. The bad news is the increase in sports-related injuries...

August 23, 2005
Said It Once Before But It Bears Repeating:
Not only is repetition boring, it is dangerous to your health. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons one in every four Americans suffer from some form of Repetitive Motion disorders (RMDs)...

August 10, 2005
Beware of Vitamin D Deficit:
Though vitamin D deficit is a particular problem for women, everyone is at risk and should take the necessary steps to protect and take care of themselves. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that promotes the body’s absorption of calcium, needed for the growth...

July 21, 2005
Freedom from a Frozen Shoulder: It’s Up to You:
Think that dull ache and loss of shoulder motion usually associated with star baseball pitchers is unique to top-level athletes? You don’t need to be Pedro Martinez to have a problem shoulder...

July 05, 2005
Swimmer’s Shoulder Takes a Toll on Young Bodies:
The condition known as swimmer’s shoulder was first described in 1974 two years after Mark Spitz won seven gold medals in the 1972 Olympic Games and inspired thousands of Americans to head off to their nearest lap pool...

June 16, 2005
Arthritis and Nutrition: Good Foods for Good Joints:
For people who suffer from arthritis, the old adage “you are what you eat” takes on a new meaning. Experts have pinpointed specific foods and supplements that can actually decrease the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis...

May 20, 2005
Older Athletes: More Gain Less Pain:
Staying active as you get older offers major health benefits – from improving mood to preventing heart disease – but there is a catch. Just as you can’t jump as high or run as fast at age 60 as you can at age 20...

April 21, 2005
Remicade Helps Kids Cope with Arthritis :
For children who suffer from arthritis, the running, jumping and playing common for their peers is often hampered by pain, stiffness and fatigue. However, Italian researchers have some encouraging news for these kids...

April 08, 2005
FDA Gives Bextra the Boot:
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has requested that Pfizer, Inc. voluntarily withdraw the arthritis drug Bextra from the market on the basis of inadequate data on cardiovascular safety and possible skin complications...

March 31, 2005
Breast Cancer Survivors at Higher Risk for Bone Fractures:
While many women worry about keeping their bones strong and stable as they age, survivors of breast cancer may need to take special care to preserve bone health and strength, say health experts...

February 16, 2005
Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation:
If you’ve ever experienced the pain of a dislocated shoulder, once was probably more than enough. Shoulder dislocations often recur, however, and the risk of it happening again can be influenced by various factors.

January 25, 2005
Rotator Cuff Surgery - Now an Outpatient Procedure:
When Senator John Kerry had rotator cuff surgery, he was in and out of the hospital in a matter of a few hours. That short stay is quite an improvement over the past, when such a surgery would keep a patient in the hospital for days.

December 13, 2004
Yankee Outfielder Gary Sheffield Undergoes Shoulder Surgery:
New York Yankees right-fielder Gary Sheffield had arthroscopic shoulder surgery in Alabama November 30th, the outcome of which has been described as successful.

October 21, 2004
Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez's Tired Shoulder Not Uncommon:
Overuse any body part and it can wear out. Backs ache from excessive lifting, eyes strain from perpetual staring, and shoulders get tired from too much throwing...

October 08, 2004
VIOXX No Longer An Option For Those Suffering from Shoulder Pain:
Echoing one of its commercial jingles, Thursday September 30, 2004 turned out to be anything but a beautiful morning for Merck as the New Jersey-based international pharmaceutical company pulled VIOXX from the market.

October 01, 2004
Keys to Overcoming Frozen Shoulder:
“Frozen shoulder” is a painful condition in which joint tissue stiffens and limits the shoulder’s mobility, and the Wall Street Journal recently reported that with the population aging, and risk-factors like diabetes and obesity on the rise, it’s becoming more common...

September 14, 2004
Research on Shoulder Helps Parents Prevent “Little Leaguer’s Elbow”:
As more young pitchers visit their doctors with elbow damage, researchers are seeking to decipher the complex interplay of muscle, tendon, and bone that takes place in active joints...

September 13, 2004
Olympic Swimmer Thomas Overcomes Shoulder Injuries, Wins Gold:
Australian swimmer Petria Thomas was standing tall as she left the Athens Olympic games with three gold medals and one silver, accounting for over a fifth of Australia’s swim team’s total of fifteen medals...

August 12, 2004
Shoulder Discomfort Ranks Among Common Golf Injuries:
Though perhaps not as physically demanding as football, hockey or basketball, the sport of golf is not without threat of injury.

July 15, 2004
Steroids and Exercise May Improve Recovery of Rotator Cuff Tears:
In a novel study, a combination of anabolic steroids and exercise has been shown to speed up and improve recovery of bioengineered rotator cuff tendons.

June 10, 2004
Swimmers and Their Shoulders:
Swimmers have it good in the sense that the low impact nature of the sport leaves its athletes less prone to injury in general. But the repetition and overuse of the muscles in the joint may eventually take a toll.

May 10, 2004
Little League Shoulder Can Cause Big Problems Later:
As baseball season begins, parents and coaches should know that the common injury in youth baseball players known as "pitcher’s shoulder" or "little league shoulder" can lead to ongoing problems down the road.

April 02, 2004
John Kerry Undergoes Shoulder Surgery:
Sen. John Kerry took a short break from his busy schedule this week for surgery to repair an old injury that flared up while campaigning.

March 11, 2004
Hormonal Imbalance and RA Link Studied:
A new study further illuminates the connection between rheumatoid arthritis and hormonal imbalance. Evidence from this study could provide the basis for the development of alternative therapies to treat RA.

February 11, 2004
Shock Wave Therapy Helps Ailing Shoulders:
A German team of researchers, led by Dr. Ludger Gerdesmeyer, has recently published findings indicating that shock wave therapy can help alleviate chronic calcifying tendonitis of the shoulder joint.

January 14, 2004
Foundation Announces Top 10 Arthritis Research Advances of 2003:
New treatments for arthritis and related diseases -- including the first synthetic hormone drugs for osteoporosis and more durable joint replacement materials -- are among the top 10 arthritis research advances of 2003, according to the Arthritis Foundation.

December 30, 2003
Shoulder Injuries Rampant During Hockey Season:
PJ Alexsson of the Boston Bruins and Barret Jackman of the St. Louis Blues are just two on the list of players in the National Hockey League who are currently sidelined due to shoulder injuries.

November 12, 2003
New Drug Shows Promise Against Arthritis:
An experimental new drug designed to shut down the body's misguided assault on its own joints is showing promise against rheumatoid arthritis, relieving its crippling effects with few if any side effects.

October 07, 2003
Young Athletes at High Risk for Pitching and Throwing Injuries:
It’s no secret that most kids who play sports are not going to play professionally. But kids who start out as baseball pitchers may be even less likely to make sports a career.

August 22, 2003
Arthritis Cases in Missouri Up Dramatically:
The number of young-to-middle-age Missouri adults whose physical activity has been limited by arthritis jumped 17.7 percent from 1999 to 2001, according to the state Department of Health and Senior Services.

May 23, 2003
More Life, Less Limits for 70 Million Americans with Arthritis:
In conjunction with National Arthritis Month this May, the Arthritis Foundation wants to inspire you to take control of your joint health with a simple phrase: "More Life, Less Limits."

April 01, 2003
Yankees’ Jeter Dislocates Shoulder on Opening Day:
The New York Yankees had not yet played three complete innings of the new 2003 season before losing team leader and shortstop Derek Jeter to a dislocated shoulder.

March 05, 2003
U.S. to Reassess Arthritis Drug Safety:
Increasing reports of major side effects - cancer and liver failure - are spurring the government to reassess the safety of rheumatoid arthritis drugs that gave patients unprecedented hope when they began hitting the market four years ago.

March 04, 2003
Rheumatoid Arthritis, Heart Attacks Linked:
Between 1976 and 1996, researchers tracked more than 114,000 women, including 527 with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and found that those with RA were twice as likely to have heart attacks as women without RA.

January 02, 2003
FDA OKs New Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug:
The government has approved sale of a new drug for rheumatoid arthritis that works like two older competitors - but may prove easier to take.

October 24, 2002
Study: 1 in 3 Adults Has Arthritis:
Arthritis and other chronic joint problems are far more widespread than estimated just three years ago, affecting one in three U.S. adults, or 69.9 million people in all, the government said Thursday in the first comprehensive survey of the disease.

May 14, 2002
Study: Tea May Strengthen Bones:
Longtime tea-drinking may strengthen bones, researchers in Taiwan have found.

March 12, 2002
Thrashers’ Kovalchuk Out for Season:
A dislocated shoulder will keep one of the NHL's top rookies off the ice for the rest of the season.


March 01, 2002
Messier Could Miss Rest of Season :
New York Rangers' Captain Mark Messier has shoulder surgery and will be sidelined for at least 4-to-6 weeks.

December 29, 2001
Opting for Stability: Shoulder Fusion Surgery:
For Gord Jensen, fusing his shoulder was his only chance to regain somewhat of a normal life.

November 08, 2001
Panthers lose starting QB:
Extent of injury is unknown

October 10, 2001
Another Injured Player on Troubled Washington Redskins:
Smith will sit out two to three weeks

October 04, 2001
Shoulder Injury Forces Watters To Break Streak:
The running back is sidelined with a shoulder injury

September 28, 2001
McNair Calls Surgery “Last Resort”:
Titans’ QB relies on self-healing

September 18, 2001
Astacio Out for Season:
Shoulder injury more serious than originally thought

August 21, 2001
Wood's MRI Comes Back Negative:
Cubs pitcher will sit out a couple more weeks

August 16, 2001
Men's Gymnastics Takes a Hit:
Hamm out with shoulder injury

August 06, 2001
Moore Starts Pre-Season With Separated Shoulder :
Lions Receiver Injured During Practice

July 27, 2001
End of Season for Texas Pitcher :
Ranger’s Rogers to Undergo Surgery

July 18, 2001
International Olympic Committee Chooses New President :
Belgian Orthopedic Surgeon Jacques Rogge to Preside over Olympic Games

July 10, 2001
Atlanta to Brave Season Without Furcal:
Shortstop to Undergo Shoulder Surgery

July 03, 2001
Red Sox Place Pedro Martinez on the Disabled List:
Star Pitcher Sits Out with Pain in Right Shoulder

June 13, 2001
Titan’s McNair Back in Practice :
Recovery from Shoulder Infection Complete

June 05, 2001
Devil Rays Pitchers Working Their Way Back to the Ballgame :
Guzman and Alvarez Return From Rotator Cuff Tears

May 31, 2001
Hasegawa Out With Rotator Cuff Tear:
Anaheim Angels Pitcher Sidelined

May 25, 2001
Derek Anderson Back on the Court :
Spurs Guard Returns to Action for NBA Playoffs

May 18, 2001
Top-Rated Quarterback Back in Action :
Denver’s Brian Griese Throwing the Football

May 16, 2001
What’s A Pirates Fan to Do?:
Center-Fielder Adrian Brown Out With a Torn Labrum

May 08, 2001
White Sox Osuna To Undergo Surgery:
Cyst in Shoulder Causing Impingement

May 03, 2001
Alex Fernandez Working On His Own Rotation:
Marlin’s Pitcher Throwing to Strengthen Injured Shoulder

April 26, 2001
Rasmussen Looks Doubtful for Start of NHL Semi-Finals :
Separated Shoulder Benches Sabres Center

April 06, 2001
Tigers Catcher Meluskey Will Miss Season :
Loose Shoulder Will Bench Big Hitter

March 27, 2001
Back from Surgery, Saberhagen Throws Heat:
Red Sox Pitcher Returns to Line-Up

March 21, 2001
Spring Training, Sore and Spraining:
Baseball's Early Days Take Toll on Joints

March 16, 2001
Red Sox Pitcher Cone Out with Sore Shoulder :
Given Anti-Inflammatories, Listed As Day-to-Day

February 22, 2001
Mariners Pitcher Gets Relief :
Torn Rotator Cuff Explains Meche's "Dead Arm"

February 04, 2001
Traded Pitcher Sirotka has Torn Rotator Cuff:
Injury Further Complicates Swap

January 11, 2001
Oilers Center Marchant Separates Shoulder:
Injury Will Force Him Out One Month

December 29, 2000
Iverson Toughs Out Dislocation:
Guard Returns Early for Win Against Warriors

December 19, 2000
Vikings Safety Thomas May Return :
Broken Shoulders Have Plagued Player

December 11, 2000
Griese Expected to Return :
The Broncos Quarterback Rebounds Quickly from Separation

December 07, 2000
Swedish Tennis Star Has Surgery on Foot, Shoulder:
Thomas Enqvist sidelined until March

December 06, 2000
Carter Injures Shoulder:
Former president tore his rotator cuff while jogging this week

December 03, 2000
Grier Dislocates Shoulder:
The Oilers Right Wing Will Be Out Indefinitely

November 16, 2000
Griese Toughs Out Separated Shoulder:
Denver Quarterback has a Grade-3 separation

November 09, 2000
North Carolina Star Leveled by Separated Shoulder:
Philip Rivers will miss Saturday's game against Duke University...

November 03, 2000
Lynch's Dislocation Won't Keep Him Out:
Bucs Safety Says He Could Have Kept Playing

October 26, 2000
Georgia's Carter Recovers Enough to Play:
The quarterback plans to start Saturday against Number 8 Florida on Saturday.

October 21, 2000
Winfield out for Rest of Season:
Bills Cornerback Will Undergo Shoulder Surgery

October 08, 2000
Tennis Pro Overcomes Tendonitis to Advance at Sydney:
Everyone knew Fabiola Zuluaga would rebound from tendonitis, but no one thought it would be this fast.

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