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April 20, 2021  
SHOULDER NEWS: Feature Story

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  • Moore Starts Pre-Season With Separated Shoulder

    Moore Starts Pre-Season With Separated Shoulder

    August 06, 2001

    By Erin K. Blakeley, Shoulder1 Staff

    Four-time pro-bowler Herman Moore will have to miss the next few weeks of practice due to a shoulder separation he suffered last Thursday. Moore is the star receiver for the Detroit Lions.

    The injury occurred when Moore tripped over another player, as opposed to during a tackle or another high-risk play. While not a severe separation, the Lions team doctors want to treat the injury conservatively. The injury is the second separation for Moore, and he feels that this time, the injury is less severe than last time. “Last year, I couldn’t lift my arm for two weeks,” Moore reported to the Associated Press. Lions coach Marty Mornhinweg insists that the three to four week hiatus will be all that Moore needs.

    The three bones that comprise the shoulder are the clavicle (collarbone), the scapula (shoulder blade), and the humerus (upper arm bone). Ligaments fasten these bones together, both by surrounding the joint and by holding the clavicle in place. A separated shoulder, also known as Acromioclavicular Joint Separation, occurs when these ligaments weaken, sprain or tear. A separated shoulder can range in severity, depending on whether the ligaments were sprained or torn.

    Moore will likely return in time for the last few games of the pre-season and should be completely ready by the time the season begins.

    Last updated: 06-Aug-01


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