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June 19, 2021  
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Topic Title: Recovering from Shoulder Replacement on 11/17/2015
Created On: 11/20/2015 08:56 AM
 06/22/2016 10:30 PM

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<p>&#160;Hello, &#160;I am scheduled for total shoulder replacement (in a month) with a pec major transfer. I have read all the advice/time-lines for TSR. Does anyone have any experience with a TSR with pec major transfer ? I was wondering what recovery looks like with this procedure. &#160;Is it the same as TSR or different. &#160;Thank you in advance</p>
 05/21/2016 07:39 PM

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<p>&#160;Good luck!&#160; Be careful at intersections.&#160; </p>
 05/20/2016 10:58 AM

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<p>&#160;Thanks a lot for you input, I'm in the same boaT. joint is painless. Just dealing with the other related pain and a bit of stiffness. Glad you are ok after your accident. Continued success! &#160;APB</p>
 05/20/2016 07:52 AM

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<p>Range of motion is essentially 100% of a "normal" shoulder.&#160; The physical therapy worked well for range of motion and strengthening.&#160; Strength is slowly returning and according to both the surgeon and therapist could take up to a year.&#160; Keep doing your at home PT.&#160; The only remaining pain is when I overdo something that I was not thinking about.&#160; I did some weeding yesterday and I am slightly sore this morning.&#160; My Golden Retriever lap puppy (70 pounds) has learned to not lean too hard on the shoulder and thinks walking with me is a great idea.&#160; For protection I keep his leash in the unaffected hand so he will not tug it.</p>
<p>I was also in a car accident at 5 months post-surgery and had to have the shoulder x-rayed to verify that nothing had come loose.&#160; The surgeon is pleased that this has turned out well, but has still cautioned me to take care so there are no extra impacts.&#160; Good luck with your continuing recovery.</p>
 05/18/2016 01:09 AM

Author Icon

<p>&#160;Hi Soli, now that you are 6 months post op ream and run, how are you doing? &#160;I am 5 weeks post op ream and run and I am doing pretty good. &#160; Thanks for any feedback you might want to share! &#160;APB</p>
 11/23/2015 03:31 PM

Author Icon

<p>&#160;I'm 5 year post-op and I too have no issues what so ever. The best thing I ever did. I started a blog on this site to share experiences with people going through the same procedure. We all know that the rehab is tough but if you commit to the program, you will succeed. &#160;I decided early on that I would not go to bed if I had one more rep to do.</p>
<p>Good luck with your rehab.</p>
 11/23/2015 12:56 PM

Author Icon

<p>&#160;Hang in there and do everything they tell you to in PT!</p>
<p>I'm coming up on 4 years, just made an appointment to find out if I need to have the other one done now. &#160;The first 2 weeks post-op were the hardest, I had no pain in the joint itself, just pain from the surgery itself. &#160;4 years later, it's FAR stronger than I ever expected.</p>
<p>Have faith, it will get better!</p>
 11/20/2015 12:05 PM

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<p>&#160;I had a Total Shoulder Replacement on Tuesday, Nov. 17 and would appreciate encouragement and advice from the forum community.&#160; Thanks! Soli</p>
 11/20/2015 08:56 AM

Author Icon

<p>&#160;Hello Forum Members,</p>
<p>I just had a total shoulder replacement on Tuesday and would appreciate any advice and encouragement.&#160; Last night was pretty rough and it is achy today.&#160;</p>
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