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September 20, 2021  
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Topic Title: Arthroscopic Biologic Total Shoulder Resurfacing
Created On: 10/01/2014 02:43 PM
 11/19/2015 02:17 AM

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<p>Has your OS recommended you to undergo this procedure? What condition are you suffering from?</p>
 04/13/2015 03:53 PM

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<p>&#160;I recommend you to meet the highly qualified professional [url=]orthopedic surgeon[/url].</p>
 03/08/2015 08:42 PM

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<p>&#160;what is the difference between a&#160;arthroscopic biologic total shoulder replacement and the ream and run total shoulder replacement? &#160;What are the advantages and disadvantages of these procedures? &#160;Are there doctors on the east coast, Mid Atlantic who perform these surgeries? &#160;</p>
 02/05/2015 05:21 AM

Author Icon

<p>&#160;Dear Jfleyden,</p>
<p>I'm a South African male (31) with mild glenohumeral osteoarthritis after many sports injuries.</p>
<p>I'm also fascinated with the biologic shoulder replacement that Dr Gobezie pioneered at Cleveland.</p>
<p>It would be great if you could let me know what you have been able to find out about the procedure. It makes a lot of logical sense in theory but I'd like to find out more about it.</p>
<p>You can contact me directly at [url=mailto:[email protected]][email protected][/url]. Would be good to discuss this.</p>
 12/29/2014 04:32 PM

Author Icon

<p>Hi Michael 14668,</p>
<p>I believe you're asking me, if my capsule was removed during Ream and Run. The humeral head was removed and replaced by a stem and metal ball, the glenoid was reshaped with a reaming tool to match the spherical shape and size of the ball, and my shredded labrum was repaired. During the reaming process any remaining cartilage is removed along with some bone tissue to receive the ball. The surgery took place in Nov 2009. Through articulation of the metal ball against the reshaped glenoid, a new layer of microfiber tissue forms to protect the bare surface that takes the place and role of cartilage.</p>
<p>Hope this helps.</p>
<p> </p>
 12/28/2014 09:05 PM

Author Icon

<p> I haven't heard of real good results on the biological resurfacing side. </p>
<p>For most young people they le they have capsule and labrum soft tissue issues. This is usually removed during a TSR. However, the rotator cuff stays intact or is needed to be intact to have an acceptable result. Without it, you have a reverse as your only option and you better be in the late stages of your life for a reverse as I'm sure you know. </p>
<p>When you had your ream and run did they remove your capsule?</p>
 12/19/2014 10:31 AM

Author Icon

<p>Just be sure this doesn't turn into a science experiment that will wind up taking multiple additional surgeries and results in lots of undesirable scar tissue. After that the options are extremely limited. The soft tissue is as important as the bone when it comes to a functional shoulder.</p>
 11/25/2014 10:39 AM

Author Icon

<p>Usually people are hoping for 10-20 years without killing the bone stock so a TSR could be done at a later date. It all depends on your age and activity level. </p>
 11/22/2014 09:52 PM

Author Icon

<p>What exactly do you expect from this procedure that you couldn't get from a conventional TSR? </p>
<p> </p>
 10/02/2014 08:43 PM

Author Icon

<p>No I did not have it done but have not heard of good results. The surgeon who did my humeral head resurfacing is the one you are referring to. That failed in a very big way and I now have a reverse, and soon will have an intrathecal pain pump, plus I am officially disabled.</p>
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