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May 25, 2020  
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Topic Title: Hand Numbness
Created On: 05/21/2005 10:06 AM
 10/23/2015 03:27 PM

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<p>&#160;I don't know if you still visit this forum but if you do were you able to recover?&#160; I am having the same exact issues and three doctors are trying to tell me I have carpal tunnel.&#160; I didn't have the numbness is my thumb, index finger, part of my palm and the underside of my forearm before surgery but I had it immediately after surgery.&#160;</p>
 05/21/2005 10:07 AM

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Sorry I took so long to get back to you! To work the nerve in PT, one person holds my left arm straight out and slightly turns my wrist (I think!) and the physiotherapist grabs in behind my neck with one hand and gently "chops" my neck and shoulder area. I don't know if this makes any sense to you but it is hard to explain! They do this for about 30 seconds, gives me a 30 second break and then they do it one more time. Surprisingly, this procedure does not hurt at all - if anything, it feels kinda good! Then they have me do one nerve stretch for my left shoulder - left palm on the wall with fingers facing the floor and spread apart, I lift my arm along the wall until it slightly hurts then I tilt my neck to my right side slowly five times. I do this once a day only - apparently it stretches the nerve - I do feel the tingling when I am doing this stretch. But I guess it must be working because the tingly feeling is almost all gone! Good Luck!
 05/21/2005 10:06 AM

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I recently had rotator cuff repair following a complete tear of the supraspinatus muscle. During the surgery the surgeon also repaired a torn bursa, and removed some fibroid tissue partially "freezing" my shoulder. I'm almost eight weeks post op and my thumb and index finger are numb. I also have numbness along the underside of my forearm. Most of my pain is from the shoulder to the elbow(24/7). Has anyone else had this loss of feeling? I am a dentist and need all the advise that I can get.
 05/21/2005 10:06 AM

Author Icon

I'm curious as to how they worked the nerve in PT. I'd like them to be able to do the same thing for me. What is the procedure?
 05/21/2005 10:06 AM

Author Icon

Over a period of 6 months, my left shoulder gradually got worse - at its' worst, my left hand (pinkie and ring finger) would get very cold and they would also tingle. I finally went to PT 6 weeks ago and explained this to them. After 6 weeks of PT, they couldn't figure out why I wasn't healing. This week, they started working the nerve which runs from the neck to the shoulder and down the arm, and lo and behold, the cold and tingling has almost disappeared!!! Now, if only they could get rid of the muscle pain!!!
 05/21/2005 10:06 AM

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I have read several articles on the internet that state that nerve damage can result from rotator cuff surgery. numbness and tingling are a symptom of nerve damage.
 05/21/2005 10:06 AM

Author Icon

Anyone have hand numbness or tingling after shoulder surgery? Did it go away eventually or did you need a cortisone shot or more surgery?
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