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March 02, 2021  
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Topic Title: 1st diskocation, severe pain after 3 months
Created On: 06/19/2018 01:22 PM
 06/19/2018 01:22 PM

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<p>Since I was a teenager, I have had problems with my shoukder popping ut briefly.&#160; I would experience intense pain when this happened but it didn`t last.&#160;&#160;</p>
<p>At the beginning of March, I fell and dislocated my shoukder.&#160; I managed to get it back in on my own.&#160; For the next 2.5 weeks, the pain was so excrutiating, that I was incapacitated. My shoulder popped out a coiple of times but went back in.&#160; X rays didn't show anything.&#160; I have not had an MRI.&#160; The hospital gave me a traditional sling, like the kind for a broken arm.&#160; However,after wearing it for even a short perioed of timewasso painful, that it felt like my arm actually was broken.&#160;&#160;</p>
<p>I still cannot raise my arm more than halfway. I CANNOT move my armacrossmy body.&#160; When I try, my arm hangs awkwardly.&#160; I still have a lot of pain, especially in my upper arm.&#160; An orthopedic doc gave me exercises but the pain got so much worse I had to stop, and, the pendulum swing exeercise made my shoulder pop out.&#160; When I do dangle my arm like that, it just doesn't feel right. Despite the x rays, I still wonder if my shoulder is in place properly.&#160; I haven't been able to get an MRI due to other medical issues andI'm very concerned that I will never have full use of my dominant arm again.</p>
<p>This was the first time I dislocated my shoulder but from what I've read, this isn't normal.&#160; The doctor has me terrified about frozen shoulder but the more I try to use my arm, the worse the pain gets. What is really frustrating is not being able to move my arm across my body.&#160; Doing simple, everyday tasks is impossible.</p>
<p>Does this sound like what anybody else has experienced?</p>
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