Resurfacing Hemi w/CAP - Can this be revised ?

Topic Title: Resurfacing Hemi w/CAP - Can this be revised ?
Created On: 12/12/2008 02:42 PM

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 12/13/2008 05:52 PM

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Revision from a resurfacing would probably be a hemi or TSR, depending on how your glenoid looks if you want a predictable result.
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 12/12/2008 02:42 PM

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I had a resurfacing Hemi w/Cap over a year ago. Since having this done it has constantly felt "overstuffed" with a continual dull ache, especially anteriorly. Recently I had scar tissue removed (capsular release) , and bicep tenotomy as suggested this would cure all the ills of the shoulder, but with no success. I can tell the ROM is somewhat better, but the feeling that something way too big remains in the joint still dogs me. Constantly has dull ache and feels "raw" inside, and this is with taking large doses of anti-inflammatory medicine. Off the record another surgeon took a look at the x-ray and said the CAP looked too big to him ( primarily since he mostly did traditional modular hemi's with stems), and that whenever he did a Hemi /w CAP he always resurfaced down one size smaller, to avoid the exact symptoms I now have. Obviously, my surgeon won't admit there's a possibility he put in a CAP in that's too large for my joint.This brings me to the questions at hand. First, how can I prove the CAP is too large without being opened up to make that determination? Can this be done by looking at the x-ray or can a CT scan be done or anything else that will aide in that determination Secondly, can an original CAP be removed successfully (without cracking the humeral) and then resurfaced downward to a smaller size CAP? I've ofter heard it said that when a Hemi resurfacing is performed, that the revision from that would have to be to a total shoulder but 'm not real sure on this. Any thoughts, suggestions, or info would be highly appreciated. Packfan
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