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September 20, 2021  
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Topic Title: Too much clavicle removed
Created On: 08/02/2010 11:54 PM
 02/27/2013 03:10 PM

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I am hoping that ikshoulder is still active on this site. I am curious how everything worked out with your complaint and your shoulder. I learned yesterday after a fall, that my clavical was also resected at an angle and nearly 1.5 inches was removed. I need to know who has had experience with this and who has been able to resolve the complaints
 04/19/2011 12:19 PM

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Hello Everyone,[br]I need some direction I have had two rt arthoscopic surgiereies the first was for repair of a full thickness labrum tear and the surgeon also did a bursectomy & acromioplasty that was 9/10. Did pt x8 wks and continued to have pain-constant. The Dr just said it takes a long time for recovery and pacified me with pain pills and cortisone injections. Went for second opinion, had surgery 1/11 he found adhesions and the suture holding the labrum had detatched from the bio-degradeble ancor and he did a resection of my distal four months later the pain is greater then ever, contstant and with movement. And I have bone pertruding on top of my shoulder near my collar bone. My range of motion is not bad but painful. Any suggestions ? I'm currently taking anti-inflam and some type of topical cream (valecor)?[br][br]Patti (47 yrs old)
 03/25/2011 12:53 PM

Author Icon

Dear Charles: I too have an over-resected clavical that is causing horrible pain in my a/c joint. I have had 4 surgeries on my right shoulder since 2002. My rotator cuff has been torn 4 times, repaired 3 - now it is unrepairable. My last surgery was a sholder resurfacing in November 2010 to remove the arthritic area on the humeral head. I am scheduled to see a pain management doctor in April because there is nothing more my surgeon can do until I'm ready for the Reverse Shoulder in about 10 years!! Problem is that my a/c joint is so screwed up from my first 2 surgeries (different doctor), that my current doctor doesn't know if the Reverse will help the pain I have now or not. My current doctor (one of the top in the country) said a bone graft was not possible because once the bone is removed there isn't anything that can be done. So I'm curious about your bone graft. I've been in physical therapy since the end of January and it is brutal! Suggestion: get yourself a TENS/IF unit if you don't already have one. It really does help with the pain. Hope you write in again...Thanks, Jenn
 08/03/2010 02:37 AM

Author Icon

Hi there-Sorry to hear of your problems. As per my forum updates on distal clavicle section, I have had 10mm removed and am now attending a pain clinic to have the nerve endings treated as after 3 bouts of surgery am suffering from tenderness too. My should itself doesn't feel too bad and seems to be better after exercise but sleeping is a nightmare and the pillow or clothing touching my shoulder is very sore. The OS thinks I can benefit from nerve blocks etc at the pain clinic, and have to agree. He has said that I needed the surgery I did but will always be left with an element of soreness and disruption to the nerves etc but thinks my symptoms will greatly improve. I think they put a nerve block in to the affected area of the shoulder, and if this works they then affectively kill off the nerve causing the pain.[br]Being a woman my bra strap wits in the dip where I have had the excision of clavicle so have one more burden to endure all day! I find that a temporary relief is physiocreme which acts like a deep heat. This gives some relief to the discomfort and put this on morning and night but still rely on some pain killers before I go to sleep each night.[br]Like most surgery, if an area is operated on loads it's inevitable there will be some long term discomfort. I also don't like touching my shoulder as it feels awful.[br]ALl the best and will keep in touch with how things go with the pain management side of things.
 08/02/2010 11:58 PM

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I also want to add that I know a lot of people have had multiple surgeries on one or both shoulders, so I don't need advice on that. I was just giving my background information. I specifically want to know if anyone has had this much bone removed and if they have anything positive to say or advice to give. I don't need people posting on here more bad news for me as I am at my limit as to how much trauma I can handle regarding the pain of this procedure and the way my entire life has been put on hold because of it. I am a dancer and and avid runner and haven't been able to do anything for over 3 months. Thank you so much for any positive light you can shed on my situation.
 08/02/2010 11:54 PM

Author Icon

Hi, I have had 3 surgeries on my right shoulder over the past 3 years. First was 2 labral tear repairs in 2007, then Subacromial Depcompression in 2008 then I had a artho distal clavicle resection in 2010 because my AC joint grew a large spur that was sticking straight up and was causing bone on bone friction which was very uncomfortable. I was told by my doctor, who is a very well known doctor in LA, that it was a minimal procedure and the least intense of my 3 surgeries. He said he would shave off a "few millimeters" of the clavicle, shave the bone spur and remove a cyst I had grown in the lining of my shoulder because of the bone spur. He said I would feel no pain or difference in the shoulder after the surgery and the only difference would be that I wouldn't have the bone to bone friction anymore and recovery would be 3-6 wks. So I said yes. There are not words to express my remorse, regret and horror and what the results were. He wrote in the post-op report that he took approx. 2 cm out, but told me over an inch (an inch is 2.54 cm) and so I specifically called him out on this discrepancy and he said "between 2cm and 2.5cm" and that I should stop obsessing over the amount and was being neurotic. I explained that I was asking such detailed questions because at 3 MONTHS post-op, my shoulder is a living hell. My clavicle bone now sticks out of the top of my shoulder and he resected it diagonally. I have read in multiple medical journals and websites that NO ONE takes out this much bone and it is supposed to be EVENLY resected, not at a sharp diagonal like mine. I wouldn't care if it didn't feel so miserable. It feels like my shoulder is very unstable, in 2 separate parts and like my collar bone is trying to stick out of my skin. It is visible now like a separated shoulder even though I never separated my shoulder. The doctor swears he didn't remove the capsule or ligaments and no other doctors seem to have any idea what to do about my problem. One suggested an open procedure and grafting pig skin to wrap the end of my clavicle. I am so devastated and in the mean time tore my other shoulder and now need 2 surgeries on it as well. Does anyone have a similar experience or something positive to say or hope to give or suggestions/advice?? I am 3 MONTHS post-op and so lost and upset. Help! Thanks
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