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October 22, 2021  
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Topic Title: surgery mishap???
Created On: 09/28/2012 01:41 AM
 09/28/2012 01:41 AM

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I went into surgery for impingement. A mumford distal clavical resection, and decompression. I came out of surgery with a big bump on my shoulder. The big bump is the same as a step off deformity associated with a separated shoulder. So now I have my clavicle protruding on my shoulder. I am 8 weeks out of my surgery and still have regular pain. Although pain is common to still have I cant help but think that I am now dealing with not just surgery recovery but also a separated shoulder. The AC ligament or cc ligament I would have to assume was damaged during surgey. [br] I have spent hours and hours on the internet trying to find out why this has happened and what can be done but have come to the conclusion that like most people who have separated shoulders you are in a tough position because your options are basically deal with it or have more extensive and expensive surgery such as the Weaver Dunn.[br] I should be more positive but still the same this has caused me a lot of frustration, anger, and depression. I feel this way because I went into the surgery with the irritations such as pain at night sleeping and often pain with certain movements due to the impingement. But I could work out and bench as much as ever. I come out with a big bump on my shoulder, what feels like undiagnosed instability, and more pain than the impingement. The pain may improve and I have good range of motion , it is too early to tell after 8 weeks but the unsightly bump of the protruding clavicle will most definatley stay. I also have thousands of dollars of bills to pay for while having financial troubles.[br]They say these surgeries have an 85% success ratio but I don't know what the criteria is and no one asked but if asked based on whether I would do it again I would have to say no..[br][br]I found one other poster on these forums who complained of the step off deformity after surgery his posting name is lokobreed. [br]What should I do? Should I complain? Will it do any good to complain? Even if the surgeon admits that it was due to the surgery what am I going to do? Any opinions or advice would be great. I will try to keep up on this post for while because I know that many people complain and never post again. Any questions are welcome. I got the surgery done at Crystal Clinic in Medina/Akron . I guess I should have gone to Cleveland Clinic. I guess now it's acceptance , try to pay off my bills and move on.
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