Dislocation (Separated Shoulder)

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New Messages Post bankart surgery 2 pnd 08/05/2010 07:57 AM
by swank
New Messages Is surgery right for me?
 surgery or rehab?
2 Hoodlum 06/29/2010 09:56 PM
by Michael146
New Messages 2nd degree AC Separation & full contact sports
 Roller derby injury - how long to get back?
5 XJETGIRLX 06/16/2010 02:15 PM
by 1m2i3t4c5h
New Messages Right shoulder lower than left after surgery
 Grade 4-5 seperation
3 Kelley004 05/30/2010 11:31 PM
by doctorfull
New Messages Separated shoulder from snowboarding.
 Separated shoulder from snowboarding.
2 richedie 05/21/2010 11:23 PM
by tim2225
New Messages dislocation
 what do i do for surgery
6 riderx42 05/18/2010 12:41 PM
by hillaryhof
New Messages Open Shoulder Surgery   Pages: 1 2 Last 52 Debbie3443 05/10/2010 05:35 PM
by semaphore7
New Messages The feeling its not right
 grade 2 and 3 separations
7 gak 12/09/2009 12:39 AM
by hockey
New Messages Hook plate removal and recovery 1 JeffreyB 11/29/2009 11:33 PM
by JeffreyB
New Messages Jusst Seperated 2 sean1234 10/02/2009 06:31 PM
by sean1234
New Messages My Very Depressing 3rd Degree Seperated Shoulder Story 1 squall280 12/23/2008 04:27 PM
by squall280
New Messages My level 2 shoulder seperation story 6 nate20e 12/18/2008 01:05 AM
by DeformedBu
New Messages my shoulder VS NAVY SEALS
 my shoulder VS NAVY SEALS
4 atllad777 09/12/2008 03:18 AM
by Michael146
New Messages Need advice with grade II ac separation
 Grade II ac separation
5 tritennis 07/28/2008 07:28 PM
by tritennis
New Messages 3rd Degree AC Separation 5 donna3268 06/11/2008 07:33 PM
by davetherav
New Messages Dislocation after Bankart Lesion Surgical Repair. Now what?
 Surgery was 2 years ago...
5 Jug 06/01/2008 03:50 PM
by Michael146
New Messages Failed Weaver Dunn Op HELP 2 stewartp 03/16/2008 03:47 PM
by TheBoy
New Messages Playing video games with Shoulder separation? 2 CeeBJJ 03/16/2008 03:43 PM
by TheBoy
New Messages Possible Dislocation? 2 aust10n 02/23/2008 10:39 AM
by nipster
New Messages Surgery after 3 dislocations
 Surgery after 3 dislocations
1 nipster 02/23/2008 10:29 AM
by nipster
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