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October 22, 2021  
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Topic Title: looking for shoulder only surgeon in L.A or O.C
Created On: 08/11/2011 10:44 PM
 08/11/2011 10:44 PM

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[br]hi im willy I fell and hurt my shoulder back in dec 2010. ive seen 4 doctors 3 think i need a subacromial decompression, and only one of those 3 think i might have a tear in my labrum even though the mri with contrast doesnt show anything to suspect that according to the other 3 doctors. its so hard to describe exactly where the pains coming from other than to say the shoulder, if i were to open a passenger side door and push it open with my forearm it kills in my shoulder. or if im walking through a door and i push it with my forearm it kills. I think i might have a shoulder impingement becaause it also kills raising arm direct to the side but if i come in 15 degrees im fine. the deltoid abduction machine at the gym hurts so bad just getting the slack out of the machine. I know theres alot of good doctors out there that do shoulders and knees and elbows but I'm looking for a shoulders only surgeon that will pin point exactly what my problem is because he sees shoulders everyday. im just scared to go throug the S.A.D and still have the exact pain I have now. so my question is any shoulders only surgeons in the L.A area or northern orange county area that you recommend? [br][br]p.s and the 4th doctor doesnt believe in S.A.D he wont do it even though the doctor that thinks i might have a tear in the labrum pointed out i definately have a hook configuration on my acromium. 4th doctor also says absolutly no tear in the labrum, he says all i need is p/t. im doing pt but im getting nowhere. just flickin something like a frizbee will hurt bad. thanks to all in advance Willy[br]
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