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May 20, 2022  
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Topic Title: Another shoulder pain
Created On: 09/10/2017 01:44 PM
 09/10/2017 01:44 PM

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<p>I am seeking advice on what to do after a visit to an orthopedist made my shoulder much worse and gave me new symptoms. I had a prior injury and needed care but I'm concerned more damage was done and "repair" may be more significant.</p>
<p>Injured my shoulder in March doing pullups (felt a pull in front of shoulder). Rested shoulder and it felt fine during normal activities a few weeks later. Over the months, I kept doing things that aggravated it, so it was up and down and I ended up with pain in the front of shoulder, side of shoulder/arm and lower back of neck and eventually tingling in my arm and hand and my hand was red.</p>
<p>The pain was never such that I could not sleep and I never took any meds for it. I started PT and started motrin about two weeks into PT.&#160; I did PT for about a month and pain was gone at all times unless I reached out (shaking hands, give a hug, etc).&#160; The tingling and redness were about 90% gone (only present when I awoke or looked up for a while). However, I was mostly resting my arm but was using it for opening jars, driving, etc without problem.</p>
<p>PT suggested I see an orthopedist and they put my arm/shoulder in difficult positions and caused a lot of pain during the eval. Most painful was lying on my back on a table with shoulder off table and doc put my arm in uncomfortable position then put a lot of his body weight on my shoulder and asked it that made the pain worse. I was then given a cortisone shot and told it "usually provides immediate relief". Then I was told to put my arm/shoulder in more uncomfortable positions right after the shot. At first, the shot was not painful but he hit something that caused notable pain (like he hit something hard/firm). He said, "sorry about that".</p>
<p>I left there in more pain than I'd ever had during this injury. When I walked in, I did not have constant pain, but now do five days later. I slept 2 hrs that first night and have not slept great since. The tingling and redness immediately returned to my arm/hand and five days later, is not better. &#160;I also have new symptoms when doing basically nothing other than moving my body during normal activities: occasional ticking, some deep popping and a few times felt like front of shoulder joint moved forward then back - never had these problems before. I spoke with the orthopedist's nurse at day two and was told to give it five days, then come back in if not significantly better and they'd do an MRI.</p>
<p>Obviously, I had an injury and need intervention. However, things are worse now. My fear is that I'll need more invasive treatment/more repair/more time off work because of something this doctor did. I'm self-employed and if I don't work, I don't get paid. I do not have any MRI images before the visit, so it may be hard to prove the symptoms/damage.</p>
<p>I'm looking for direction on what to do next. I will not let this guy lay a hand or me. Should I go back to that doctor and ask what he did to create these problems and what is needed now to correct them? Or, go to another ortho and have them do an MRI? Maybe something would show up in the MRI like tendon damage done with a sharp object (ie, the needle). Thanks for any advice!</p>
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