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September 20, 2021  
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Topic Title: Tears, frozen shoulder or tendonysis? Help!!
Created On: 03/07/2015 01:24 PM
 04/15/2015 01:54 AM

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<p>Hey, Shells Bells, I would suggest you to take a second opinion from other [url=]orthopedic doctors[/url] in your area.&#160;</p>
 03/23/2015 03:37 PM

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<p>&#160;I recommend you to consult your [url=]orthopedic surgeon[/url] as soon as possible, otherwise tjis problem will effect teh other parts of your body.</p>
 03/07/2015 05:12 PM

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<p>&#160;Impingement - stretching and if it doesn't work, subacromial decompression... only thoughts, a good surgeon can diagnose this with a shot of lidocaine and then a steriod shot into the AC joint</p>
 03/07/2015 01:24 PM

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<p>[img=500x375][/img]Im looking for thoughts, advice, insight?? I have had shoulder pain for about 3 months. No trauma. I'm not an athlete. I work a desk job with lots of typing. I'm a 48 yr old female. My pain was primarily taking off tshirts. No big deal. Went slow and deliberate and I could manage. 3 weeks ago I reached back with that arm and felt a strong pull, pain and terrible burning across front of shoulder. This lasted for days. Final straw was when swim suit shopping I got "stuck" in a top. I couldnt get it off. Horrible pain and embarrasment.&#160; I now cannot remove tshirts. Putting on sweaters hurts as I extend my arm into the sleeve. It hurts to drive. It&#160; hurts most of the day really. I now have to exit my vehicle at work and get out as we have card swipe entry into the gate and I cannot stretch my arm out the window like that. To my conundrum. Dr thought AC tear as tests were positive and I have slight disruption when she pulls down or sideways on the shoulder. X-ray was fine with just normal slight arthritic degeneration. US however said no damage no tears. Possible tendonysis? Dr said possible frozen shoulder. Said I could pursue physio but mainly use advil. I have a copy of the US and showed my chiro. She admitidly usually reads mostly xray and MRI but says it's clearly 3 tears, supra, infra and post labrum.&#160; I looked and there are arrows and boxes on all of those picture.&#160; I want a second opinion but all our radiologists here are under the same employer and my dr is not interested in looking into this more. Can anyone out there offer advice, suggestions, thoughts? Its affecting me day and night and advil is a bandaid, not a fix. &#160;</p>
<p>went and got a copy of my report today &#160;Was shocked to read it says possible small partial rim rent tear in supraspinatus, echo texture in distal infrasPontus that could relate to tim rent tear and labrum not optimiLy visualized for assessment. Summary was suspect tendinipathy in distal supra and infra along with possible tears involving the surface at the insertion sites of these tendons &#160;if persistent clinical concern further assess with MRI &#160;</p>
<p>dr told me NO TEARS, possible tendonitis and to take advil and Physio if I want &#160;wow &#160;</p>
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