Sternoclavicular joint subluxation - arthritis

Topic Title: Sternoclavicular joint subluxation - arthritis
Created On: 05/21/2005 10:48 AM

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 05/21/2005 10:48 AM

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I've "broken out" all over with osteoarthritis over the last 2 yrs (age 62 now), even though I've religiously taken glucosamine (I do have to admit I don't have any arthritis in my knees! Although I do have chondromalacia patella but that's not osteoarthritis). I never thought I'd get arthritis (don't know why I thought that). Anyway, over the last 2 years the proximal end of my R collar bone has been getting large & larger. One PT suggested it might be subluxed. Not all shoulder OS's deal with the sternoclavicular (SC) joint, so I had to find one (70 miles from where I live). Saw him yesterday. His conclusion is that, if I dont have a tumor in the bone (which he doesn't think I do, and if you look at the X-ray & compare the R and L SC joints, you can see that the R one is way out of joint), what I have is arthritis in that joint, with enough bone eaten away that the proximal clavicular condyle can't be held in place. It hurts like hell when I do certain things with my R arm, like if I reach over to the left side, try to open a sliding window to the right, lift something, press against something with R hand facing L hand (e.g., lifting a large painting). It's lifestyle-limiting. The OS said that nothing could be done because there are a lot of critical blood vessels and nerves that are close to the posterior side of the clavicle. He also said that you don't need a clavicle(!!). I asked him about clavicle replacement and he laughed. However, at they actually made a new titanium clavicle for someone who had had his arm ripped off. They attached it with textile "ligaments". The site has GREAT pictures/drawings. So anyway I'm thinking that if they can replace one, surely they must be able to replace the END of one. Has anyone here had that done? If so, I'd like to know who did it & where they are. Thank you. Ann
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