can a SLAP tear get worse?

Topic Title: can a SLAP tear get worse?
Created On: 02/23/2007 03:21 PM

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 03/04/2007 06:02 PM

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It can get worse and will more than likely not heal on its own. I went through a month of PT right after I tore mine for conservitive treatment. That did not help very much. Finally had it repaired 4 months after injury. I had my surgery 11/28/2006 and am now 3 months out. I wore a sling for 4 weeks and started passive pt within a week post op. I got bicep tendonitis which set me back a little by causing my joint capsule to tighten up. I have been back in the gym lifting for about 4 weeks. I am only benching 95lbs. on flat bench and 95lbs. on incline bench. I was benching @325lbs. before my injury. I could barely bench the bar on incline pre-operation. It is getting better slowly. You will be better off getting your shoulder repaired as soon as you can if there is a tear.
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 02/23/2007 03:21 PM

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Hey, About 9 months ago, i was doing incline bench presses and while putting the bar back, i felt my shoulder pop out and back in briefly. I brushed it off, but then noticed it hurt slightly when i went back to the gym and did certain excersises. After resting some time and going back to working out again, it still kept hurting, so about a month ago i went to see a shoulder specialist who did some xrays and the bones were ok, so he did a couple of tests, pushing my arm in every direction and asking if it hurt. It hurt while holding my arm straight out in front of me, thumb up and pushing towards the ceiling while he was pushing down on my hand from above. Also it hurt with my arm at my side pushing out to the side while pressure was applied towards my body on the arm. After this he said its most likely a SLAP tear and that i should get an MRI to confirm. Weightlifting is important to me so i just want to know if a SLAP tear can get worse if i keep on working out? It usually does not hurt while excersizing but it becomes sore and tender quickly and hurts somewhat after the workout. Any info would be terrific. Thanks in advance.Mike
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