SLAP lesion type I -- avoid surgery - heal on its own?

Topic Title: SLAP lesion type I -- avoid surgery - heal on its own?
Created On: 05/21/2005 10:45 AM

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 05/21/2005 10:45 AM

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Hi everybody: I wanted to keep you up to date on what's happening with me. Below this updated note you will know my full story. I finally had an MRI and the report says that I have a subtle type I Slap lesion--some fraying. Everything else is intact (rotator cuff, bicep tendon etc.) My shoulder is still frozen but not as painful as it was. It's been frozen since the end of November 2004. Could a slap tear cause a lockup or is this the limited mobility I have due to the tear? The orthopedist said to keep doing the PT and followup in 1 month but if I feel better then cancel the appt. He said is assistant is good at scoping and she could look at the MRI and tell me what she thinks. My question to you out there is can a type I slap tear heal on its own WITHOUT debridlement surgery. I've been reading alot about it and I can't see anywhere where it says it will heal on its own. As I look back trying to figure how this all came about I can think of a strange situation in the beginning of November 2004. I was doing some stretching on a chin bar and felt a slight pull on the arm--didn't hurt real bad but felt like my arm extended out at the socket. Once I got off the chin bar it was OK--I think that could have triggered the lock up. As you can see in my story below that I did have an impingement problem but this may have been the icing on the cake. Thanks for any information on this. Below is what I posted on "FS tips and recommendations" I just registered with this board because I'm having some problems with my shoulder. Here's my story... I'm a 43 year old male, an athlete and avid bodybuilder. A little over a year ago when playing volleyball I noticed a sharp pain when doing a spike. I thought to myself that I wasn't loose enough and should have stretched. I think all along I had an impingement problem. Anyways I'd play basketball and when doing layups with the left arm I felt a pinching pain (hurt pretty bad). This happened only on full extension lockout with arm overhead. I'd been lifting weights all along (3 times a week) and noticed a slight pain when doing bench presses, pull downs and pullups. I thought it would get better on it's own. Remember that I was able to do pull ups and had pretty good ROM from what I can remember. This past Thanksgiving I decided to give up all weight training and activities that might aggrevate my shoulder (rotator cuff) and get some physical therapy. I figured by Jan 14--after 6 weeks of therapy and rest I'd be feeling great and training again--WRONG! While doing physical therapy all through December (8 treatments) I was getting worse! I experienced pain when doing certain movements--like trying to grab something from falling within my ROM was EXTREMELY painful--very strange. I was losing ROM--a month ago before getting help I was able to weighttrain! Anyway I went to an Orthopedist and he took some x-rays. He said I had frozen shoulder and could not diagnose any other problems until I got my ROM back. He advised anti-inflammatories and serious streteching with pullies, wall climbs, etc. to do at home. I decided a couple weeks later to get a second opinion from another orthopedist. He also said I had adhesive capsulities and knowing I was an athlete recommended anti-inflams and agressive therapy. He also wants me to get an MRI. I'm happy about that. I've been really stretching at home and icing afterwards. I get some ROM after streteching. A few hours later the ROM contracts back to where it started--that's frustrating.There is a fine line while stretching--do I want to feel a pain/discomfort and hold or just a minor stretch and hold--should that be expected? Shouldn't I see results week by week after intensive stretching? I've noticed the tenderness stage has past but hurts when I try to move my arm in certain places. I'm hoping I don't have a rotator cuff tear. If there anyone out there that can give me tips or experiences that they've went though would be much appreciated. Maybe some type of method or rehab that might help. Maybe I'm pushing too much or expecting too much. Hope to hear from those who have gone though this. I really want to get back to weight training, volleyball, basketball etc. Thanks!
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