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March 02, 2021  
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Topic Title: shoulder reconstruction, yr experiences and tips
Created On: 09/04/2011 11:57 PM
 05/05/2015 05:53 PM

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<p>&#160;My sister also has a great result after having [url=]shoulder surgery[/url], I don't know why you are not having perfect relief from the pain even after consulting with a physiotherapist.</p>
 06/08/2012 05:53 AM

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Hi jeniffer , i am currently almost 10 months since my surgery, had my last check up appt today with my surgeon actually. in terms of the structure of shoulder, its now fully stable surgeon is happy that his job there is done. my recovery was a very long slow one, it took me alot longer to get what they call full range of movement back, although surgeon didnt mind as long as i made some progress each time i saw him. having said that i dont have full moevement back , i cant get my arm behind my back or up onto my hip still, thats a result of tightening from the surgery, not sure if that will come back, iam thinking probably not maybe only a slight improvement? i still get alot of pain and stiffness, hates the cold weather. i am still extremely weak, i had along time out before surgery aswell. i hope to get better then what i am now. good luck to your aunt i hope she continues on a speedy recovery.
 06/08/2012 05:19 AM

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One of my aunts has gone through the [url=]arthroscopic knee surgery[/url] and is getting recovery at quite a good rate. What is your current situation?[br]
 09/04/2011 11:57 PM

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hi all, so after a long battle of seeing surgeons, who then sent me to physio's to try and correct the instability problems i was having, he finially agreed yes i need a reconstruction, only after 8 months straight of seeing at least 5 diff physio's. had my scheduled arthroscopic reconstrction, on 11th august and have approx 2.5 weeks till i see the physio again first sess since surgery and get the sling off finally. first 2 weeks were rough as anything, gettting better each day now, still a struggle at night trying to find a comfy spot to lay etc, i am a belly/side sleeper and since surgery can only sleep half propped up with pillows on my back. has anyone managed to sleep on their side or have any tips? i just started going back into gym for a bit of exersise, walk on tready and the bike, other then that i am deathly bored and stumped at ideas of things i can do only left handed(i am right handed) how did anyone else combat yr boredom, please share yr experience of surgery, recovery, physio etc, thanks
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