Best Shoulder Surgeons???

Topic Title: Best Shoulder Surgeons???
Created On: 12/23/2008 10:34 AM

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 12/23/2008 10:34 AM

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I will make this post on several topic spots here on the site. I realize that opinions on shoulder surgeons are varied and driven by many variables. Many depending on personal experience, care received, outcome, and years of experience, as well as some on demographics and location.Quite simply I would like some of your expert opinions and suggestions, thoughts, etc. on who you feel is the very best shoulder surgeon out of the many and why? Since I live in North Carolina I would prefer to keep it logistically favorable, so for that purpose alone I would like to keep the suggestions to east of the Mississippi although I realize there are many very good doctors on the west coast. I am soon to be 55 and have in the past 14 months had a Hemi Resurfacing with CAP (Just the Humeral) and a quasai (Sp?) capsular release with bicep tenotomy. The CAP was chosen by the surgeon because I work in a semi-manual job and always have been athletic and active. Since the Hemi surgery in 07 I always have struggled with chronic symptoms in the front of the shoulder. It almost feels like the bicep tendon is being restricted or impinged but since the long head was released with the tenotomy I didn't think this was possible. The reason for the tenotomy was explained to give me relief from this persistent ache/pain. I even had a different surgeon tell me the CAP looked too large to him. As well, since the CAP resurfacing there has been a tremendous strain on my neck on the same side and I have developed severe neck issues. I feel this may be caused by the CAP's extra weight or size and may have increased the instability of the AC joint. This I believe has thrown the shoulder geometry off. The space where the AC joint was resected has increased significantly and feels like a downward pull on that side. I've developed my own theories to the possibilities and would like to hear your thoughts as well from all the vast experience out there. I'm not sure if this (Hemi) can be or needs to be revised but honestly, this has been life altering (not in a good way) and it has restricted me and almost broken my spirit, so I just want it over once and for all. I want the next surgery to be the last and the "successful" one even if it means going to a total shoulder revision. Since I"ve always been very active my hope is it can be resolved without going to a total shoulder. Yet, I would like to have it done by the very best regardless.All your physician suggestions and thoughts are endeared and very appreciated. Everyone have a very blessed Christmas.Background: SAD/AC Joint Resection (1992), Debridement (1993), Hemi Resurfacing (2007), Capsular Release & Bicep Tenotomy (2008)Packfan
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