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October 22, 2021  
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Topic Title: Impingement
Created On: 05/21/2005 08:42 AM
 08/03/2012 11:36 PM

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[br][font size="2"]Hi,[br][br]I had Acromioplasty on my left shoulder 27 January 2012 as I had shoulder impingement & bursitis. Had physio before surgery which wasn't helping had cortizone shot it didnt help either. Was on a 3 month waiting list for surgery I did this due to playing tennis. [br]I needed to stay in hospital overnight was on morphine & fluid drip. After 2/3 days started light physio but that was increasing my levels to 8-9 out of 10. Had to stop the physio. Now I have frozen shoulder which is not fun have to pace myself.[br][br]I'm still not able to drive or do much at all due to the pain day & night, night is bad as can't sleep on the left shoulder, right shoulder is aching all the time. [br][br]I'm continuosly seeing my orthopedic surgeon every 3months for follow ups. But there is light at the end of the tunnel it gets better.[br][br]Hang in there everyone even though it's frustratinly painful. I'm glad I came across this forum helps alot to read what others go through.[br][br]Cheers[/font][br]
 05/28/2012 01:43 AM

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My aunt had a [url=]shoulder joint replacement[/url] but after few weeks, she was recovering herself. She is having some good exercises with the physiotherapist and is feeling much better than before.
 12/21/2010 02:54 PM

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Can impingement pain be severe at times and then ok ?? when i don;t have pain i have pretty good movement in my shoulder but then i can get sharp pain and a popping just putting on a coat !!then i have episodes where my shoulder is oooo achey and can't do simple tasks withour real sharp pain !! the other day i was making cany bark and it was hard to break apart and it actuall hurt my shoulder not my hand !! any relp would help !!
 12/17/2009 07:21 AM

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Physical Therapy works for some people with minor injuries. For others their shoulders are too far gone for it to ever really help much. I had injuries and conditions that never get better. Physical therapy before surgery was useless for me.
 12/17/2009 06:35 AM

Author Icon

I was also facing some problems with my shoulder but then I went to orthopedic surgeon and he suggested me some rehabilitation exercises. Now I’m absolutely fine. Shoulder rehabilitation exercises have magical results.
 01/05/2006 03:59 AM

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I feel for you! I had shoulder pain, then a frozen shoulder in'99. Manipulation & release, Acromionoplasty, and arthroscopic surgery in '00. Returned to work in a year and a half. A year and a half later (03), everything went way wrong washing my hair one AM. No one can fix me. Now I rely on Kaiser and Vicodin. Considering ESWT. $3500 and only on East Coast. PT almost cleared up my probs but when I tried to do normal things (file papers, clean,etc.), it got worse than before. Any ideas? Is anyone out there? Help?
 09/01/2005 02:48 AM

Author Icon

You've been suffering 3.5 years and more PT does not sound like the answer you seek. I don't have the expertise but from my own searching (re: Frozen Shoulder, no impingement that I know of) I found something you might take a look at. I got a book from the library that I heard about on this website. The author's bio really melted my skeptism, as his own chronic shoulder pain led to his discoveries that inspired the book (and a career change for himself, at age 60). Book: The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies. And you don't have to believe you can or should do it all yourself. You can look for a massage therapist who is well-trained in trigger point technique. Since you describe yourself as having visible 'knots' you are probably a good candidate for this technique and a professional can find even those deeper trigger points that may not be so evident to touch or sight.

Just a thought--I can't feel your pain, literally, but have felt my own (for months, not years) and have made progress. At my request, my doctor wrote me a prescription for 8 trigger-point massage therapy sessions. However, I'll really be paying for them myself (or any extra sessions i get from a second therapist who doesn't do insurance billings), because I have a high-deductible health plan. I won't let the cost stop me. Likewise, I decided buying the aforementioned book (after sampling it from the library), is a lifelong investment, and buying the tool it recommends for self-treatment, likewise. But I hope you get painkiller prescription you seek, too. My doctor understood the need--he's had FS himself and learned what shoulder pain can be. Obviously, yours goes well beyond the shoulder; your body is crying out for help it hasn't gotten yet. You deserve answers and I hope you find them: sooner, not later.
 08/30/2005 08:33 PM

Author Icon

ABICHE, I'm wondering how long you have had "chronic impingement" in your left shoulder...I have had frozen shoulder in my right shoulder for almost a year, and was diagnosed with impingement in the left shoulder in March, but it had been developing since November (2004). My Frozen SHoulder is slowly improving, but the impingement is now almost more painful/frustrating than the FS. I've been doing exercises for about 6 weeks that I was told would help - they're supposed to strengthen the other muscles so that the swollen tendon can relax..but it doesn't seem to be working so far. Did you try exercises and did they help at all? What have doctors suggested? What is your pain level and ROM?
Also, what caused your impingement, if you know that? Mine is from overuse due to compensating for the other arm being immobile with pain from cervical radiculopathy, initially, followed by frozen shoulder.

I noticed your post is dated May 21st, so not sure if you still visit this site. WOuld love to hear more of your experience, or from anyone else who is currently dealing with this frustratingly debilitating problem.
 06/04/2005 10:15 PM

Author Icon

I understand. Believe me, and you are not alone with the Doctor things.

I took a class in how to deal with HMO's and the medical profession, it was part of a study they were doing. I found out a lot. You have to persevere, you have to push, you have to be nice but do your homework and keep on asking. You have to keep taking care of yourself. If you don't feel well enough to, ask someone that you trust to go with you and ask and help you out. Since I've been doing that, things go a lot better. They sure put a lot of resistance up, though, especially with an HMO!

 06/04/2005 10:12 PM

Author Icon

Hi Barb: I have heard that having cortisone shots is not a good idea, and yes, there is a maximum per year you should have. However, each time I visit the Doc's over my shoulder problem, they sure like to ask me to do a shot. I say no every time. I had one and for me, it didn't really help all that much, however, I heard you have to really not use that shoulder for a couple of days afterwards and I did not do that.

Anyway, this is for anyone out there, too:

I woke up 7 months ago with a really hurt shoulder. It used to come and go but this time, it stayed for months. I finally got authorization to have x-rays, mri's, and see specialists. Every single one says something different and I could sure use some assistance in sorting this out.

Ortho says that I need subacromial decompression with distal clavicle surgery. Rhematologist says that no, it's arthritis that I have vs. impingement and to take celebrex. Pain Management MD says no, it was frozen shoulder, don't need surgery but I need PT and ergonomic lessons. Another Doctor says no frozen shoulder, basically anatomical defect with my sloping clavicle and have calcium problems. She wants to do acupuncture.

Needless to say, I could use some guidance here. I'd rather not do surgery unless I have to. Ortho says that if I don't, I could tear my rotator cuff and right now, there are no tears. I only hurt when I do a lot with shoulder now and when I sleep on that side. It was debilitating for months before, though. OUCH!

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