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March 06, 2021  
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Topic Title: Still in pain
Created On: 10/29/2007 07:48 PM
 05/25/2012 06:01 AM

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I am not much aware of hemi..
 01/21/2008 03:06 PM

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Hi Mike.

They had me stretching fairly soon after the operation.
I was back at work in 3 days but I'm in an office and my wife lent me her automatic car.

I saw very gradual improvements but like you was very disappointed.I kept having sharp pain with certain movements and my shoulder was still frozen.After a year and accepting this is it , it won't get better i found a massage therapist who does active muscle release.Basicly a form of torture, similar to when you were a kid and someone gave you an Indian sunburn(sorry for my political incorrectness).
This is most definitely not your , hey what a relaxing rub down.After a year of crap I was sceptical this would work.After about 5 or 6 sessions I started getting alot of those atrophied muscles working.I think the big problem with this operation is by the time you get it your shoulder and supporting muscles are pooched.The degeneration in the joint is a big problem but when 1/2 the muscles don't work right and you've become used to moving your arm in a way that is less painfull the damage is done.Still to this day when I look in a mirror and raise my arms I reach around 90 degrees and the right shoulder starts creeping up and looks like a hump.I can bench press, do most weights,NO FLYS! or DIPS and now have some muscle tone but you have to balance it with stretching.Although I'm still a partial quasimotto I can get by and generally, well lately, forget I had the surgery.
At its worst before the surgery I could not eevn rest my arm on the table while working at the computer, it was that bad.It was two years I had to have my wife dress me as i could not get a shirt on or off!
If you need to talk PM me and I'll give you a number, I'm in Toronto.

My surgeon now resides in Houston Texas, Dr Erin Boynton, a victim of our system up here that burns out doctors.
 01/15/2008 06:28 PM

Author Icon

Yes, I had it scoped to clean out the scar tissue as I said. No Hemi here, but plenty of surgeries.

I had Dr. Iannotti do it at the Cleveland Clinic, got an excellent result. Before then, I had bicep pain and pain around the shoulder joint. I had the shoulder reconstructed on a revision procedure and they kept me immobilized for 6 weeks and that is where the scar tissure formed.

 01/15/2008 04:42 PM

Author Icon

Did you say you had your shoulder scoped for scar tissue around the subscap tendon? If so, had you had prior shoulder surgery or Hemi replacement that caused the scar tissue? Any subscap or tendon repair, such as tenodesis tenotmy ? I heard today also that inflammation can cause scarring, even if there hasn't been any prior surgery...just curious.

 01/14/2008 03:01 PM

Author Icon

Mark, Thanks for the encourgement....I certainly do need that.

I feel that is why it's so hard for me as ex athelete also, weightlifter,softball,football, golf etc...always active. I'm 54 and other than the shoulder do not feel my age.

I'm not sure what kind of PT rehab is normally prescribed for shoulder hemi's but I was reflecting back on my first therapist. I discovered after the fact he did not have any exposure to Hemi shoulders, although, he said he did. I think some of the exercises he gave me early on were more aggressive than what was needed. I did them thinking he knew what he was doing even though they felt uncomfortable. I guess it's possible during this time I could have encurred some damage to the subscap, bicep, glennoid, etc....
You can see I'm reaching for straws here....I have since been seeing a new therapist who's got me doing beginner exercises to take the stress off the biceps tendon. This is good for the tendon but it's not doing anything for the stiff/frozen shoulder.

Did you do any pool therapy with your regimen, and how long was it before you began strengthening exercises ?

Were you back to work soon after surgery? I've been out since Oct. on disibility and that is becoming a huge concern for me and my wife......and company.

Thats great you were able to forget about the shoulder for a whole month! That definitely gives me incentive to continue on... I know you feel good that all the hard work paid off. That is a huge success, and hopefully one day I will be where you are with recovery. And thanks... I will continue to grind it out.

 01/14/2008 11:04 AM

Author Icon

Don't give up.

This whole thing was tough on me as I was always an athelete.Sub 40 min 10ks, benched 445lbs, dirtbikes, climbing etc.

The hardest part of this thing is your recovery, mine took over a year.
To cheer you up, for a whole month i had forgotten i had this done!
To me that is a huge success, be delligent and thorough and you'll get over the hump.

BTW, I hadn't thrown a baseball in 8 years, did so a few weekends ago.Sort of a girlie throw but still worked.
 01/13/2008 05:51 PM

Author Icon

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your replies....I don't know if the tenodesis itself is the issue, but could it be possible the tendon repair did not take and is not healing properly. That's my suspicion, since it's been very painful since day one. All the pain and discomfort seem to be below the subscap area, lower on the humeral and radiating into my upper arm/bicep area. Even the night after the surgery that morning, most of the shoulder was still numb from scaline block and morphine but that area was on fire! As mentioned in my earlier post the area in question is always faint reddish in color and gets irritated and deeper red if I do any exercises much above 90* I'm not sure with the tenodesis if the tendon is removed from the bicipital groove and reinserted into the groove or not ?

I'm definitely a novice on the whole frozen shoulder thing, other than what I've researched. With the thought of the scarring possibly causing the tightness of the subscap tendon, that's a concern if that is what's happening. Internal/External rotation are not great after three months. However, I thought scarring sets in due to inactivity or lack of movement of the affected joint, and I have been anything but inactive. Started flexion exercises almose immediately, and if anything probably was too aggressive early on. I think that's why the PT is keeping everything below the waist and easy. It's frustrating because after 3 months and countless PT it's like starting over. At this point I'm much worse than before the surgery. Nothing else to do but go forward from here....thanks again.

 01/13/2008 11:25 AM

Author Icon

Hi There,

I read your post on the tightness, this may be causes by scar tissue contracting the subscapularis tendon. It would feel "close" to the area of a bicep tendon, but not the same. You would have problems with internal rotation feeling tight, as well as external rotation.

The pain would be in the front of your shoulder, but out to the side of the bicep tendon a bit in origin.

I had the same problem, got is scoped, and felt better in 1 week.

 01/13/2008 09:26 AM

Author Icon

I had a biceps tenodesis in Oct - have not had a replacement but the tenodesis relieved alot of pain (I was able to ski in Dec). I never had the sensation of the tightness you describe. I feel my bicep get a little sore sometimes but now that it's been moved from my shoulder, it's not nearly as uncomfortable as it was before the surgery. I'd be surprised if the tenodesis is what's causing your problems. My doc said most people get alot of pain relief from the procedure. The other procedure, a tenotomy is when the bicep tendon is released and not reattached - that's the procedure that sometimes causes a bulge. Hope that helps - hope you feel better soon.
 01/11/2008 11:59 PM

Author Icon

I too had a Hemi this Oct. 2007. Two issues remain at this time. The bicep tendon area has been very painful ever since I rolled off the surgery table. It feels very tight at all times like a rubber band is stretched, and it's painful when I do ROM above waist level, even using other hand. This area in the front part of the shoulder stays red and discolored all the time. Tests for infection came back negative and he placed me on Celebrex for any inflammation, with little change. I have been in PT since Oct., and I just started a new therapist, but I have my doubts for good reason. The last visit at the Doc, he said he did a lot of work in this area, and also that he had "tacked" the bicep tendon down for asthetic purposes so it would not show a bulge, which I took as customary for this procedure. This is where I think the problem is being induced. Looking at the operative report, a bicep tenodesis was performed during surgery. I'm not sure if a bicep tendon release as you stated and bicep tenodesis is the same, probably not. In a tenodesis the tendon is moved down to the humerus. And in my case I feel this did not turn out well for some reason, even though the physician said the surgery was successful. It feels like if the bicep tendon could be "released" or "cut" to relieve the pressure and stetch, it would feel so much better. Though there could be some impingement caused by too early aggressive flexion exercises with the first PT.

The second issue is Adhesive Capsulitis as per my first PT, yet he was doing nothing but inducing more pain. Same scenario every day with no progress.....Pain, ROM,Pain. He got the bicep tendon so turned on and inflamed it would be difficult to proceed without pain which inhibited making successful progress in the PT therefore the frozen shoulder set in. The second therapist seems to think we need to let the bicep tendon ease off some so all the exercises are gentle stretching, myofascia release, and pool therapy. I've only seen this PT three times so far, and the jury is still out as yet. I have yet to get enough flexion to where I can start strenghtening in any fashion....and this is after three months. Any thoughts are appreciated.


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