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New Messages Ream and Run? 7 BigRob 10/29/2015 06:47 AM
by thomasande
New Messages what can i expect? 7 jimboro 11/21/2012 07:01 AM
by shahidsaif
New Messages Shoulder replacement revision surgery 1 Charleysmom 10/20/2012 11:22 PM
by Charleysmo
New Messages Ball Replacement and third rotator cuff repair
 Need some support
3 tlily2001 05/25/2012 06:33 AM
by Jeniffer
New Messages Best Orthopedic Surgeons of Shoulder 2 tlily2001 05/25/2012 06:19 AM
by Jeniffer
New Messages Failed Hemi Shoulder Repacement 2 tlily2001 05/25/2012 06:09 AM
by Jeniffer
New Messages REVERSE SHOULDER REPLACEMENT 3 GRETA1 05/25/2012 06:07 AM
by Jeniffer
New Messages having problems after hemi... 2 MB15 05/25/2012 06:03 AM
by Jeniffer
New Messages Still in pain
13 TiredandFrustrated 05/25/2012 06:01 AM
by Jeniffer
New Messages Capsular Release? 8 packfan 05/25/2012 05:55 AM
by Jeniffer
New Messages Best Shoulder Surgeons???
 Searching in NC
3 packfan 05/03/2012 08:20 AM
by Jeniffer
New Messages Failed Hemi Shoulder Replacement
 Recommendations for a second opinion
2 tlily2001 02/06/2010 06:45 AM
by Michael146
New Messages Help--your thoughts needed
 Hemi- was my second surgery
1 Vdickjr 01/05/2009 12:04 PM
by Vdickjr
New Messages Resurfacing Hemi w/CAP - Can this be revised ? 2 packfan 12/13/2008 05:52 PM
by Michael146
New Messages Drs. In Chicago area
 shoulder replacement surgery
7 birky 06/21/2008 01:51 AM
by nafetari
New Messages Post Hemi Scar Tissue/Neck Ache 6 packfan 03/19/2008 04:26 PM
by Michael146
New Messages shifting or catching 4 jimboro 03/04/2008 04:32 PM
by MB15
New Messages Unraveling, one shoulder at a time......
 Post Hemi shoulder pain X 2...
1 packfan 01/25/2008 12:47 PM
by packfan
New Messages hemi-replacement 12 [email protected] 08/20/2007 11:56 AM
by fullej
New Messages Recovering from Hemi-Replacement... 5 Baulkham 02/26/2006 09:16 AM
by slushystx
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