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May 27, 2020  
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Topic Title: An Update for me
Created On: 01/28/2015 10:19 PM
 04/02/2015 03:40 PM

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<p>Sorry to hear your pain, actually my father was also suffering from the same problem of[url=] frozen shoulder[/url] but when he consult with the orthopedic surgeon and completed his treatment, now he is allright.&#160;</p>
 01/30/2015 04:28 PM

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<p>&#160;Hi everyone. Belico, sorry &#160;to hear about the recent problem. I can only imagine it's quite frightening to have that happen to you. I guess just because we had to do a stint with FS doesn't make us immune from other issues. I can sure vouch for that. My back and neck have gone haywire on me. I still get around alright, but now the pain is just somewhere else. Not as bad as FS, not many things are as bad as FS. And yes, FS has taught me to deal with it much better.&#160;</p>
 01/29/2015 05:59 PM

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<p>&#160;Hi Bellco,</p>
<p>Strange you should visit the forum today as it's the first time in a while I looked too! I'm glad your shoulders are getting there but sorry to hear about the other. Take good care and I hope the docs get it sorted for you quickly.</p>
<p>All best wishes&#160;</p>
 01/28/2015 10:19 PM

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<p>&#160;Hi everyone, especially the old timers Fitzroy, Frosty, Animal, Radiator, Elizabeth and Clumsy,</p>
<p>Just thought I would update you all, I have just had my 3 year anniversary with bilateral FS which is much better. &#160;Two weeks ago I went for a walk with my daughter, collapsed and ended up in AED. &#160;Apparently I had a seizure caused by something called an AVM (arterior venous malformation). &#160;In simple terms, a small tangle of blood vessels and veins in the brain. &#160;It isnt a tumour thank goodness. &#160;They put me on medication to prevent another seizure and the choices are: surgery to take it out, radiation or embolisation. &#160;Lots to think about. &#160;I will make an appointment with a neuro that specialises in AVMs then make an informed decision.</p>
<p>I believe my FS journey has given me strength to deal with this. &#160;For new people on this forum, read lots of old posts and draw information and strength from them. &#160;I know it helped me a lot in the freezing and frozen stages. &#160;It is a difficult journey and people dont really understand. &#160;BUT, it gets better, it really does. &#160;I am able to dry my hair now and get dressed properly for the first time in a couple of years. &#160;I found you have to adjust your mental attitude and it gets easier.</p>
<p>Anyway, enough rambling, hope you guys are all well and doing things you like doing warm regards</p>
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