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June 19, 2021  
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Topic Title: Pain after Distal Clavicle Resection and Decompression
Created On: 02/09/2010 09:09 PM
 11/28/2015 01:44 PM

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<p>&#160;HI Lokobreed,</p>
<p>This is my first forum. &#160;I had rotator cuff repair in 2013, which I really never needed. &#160;I was suffering from impingement nerve pain from a WC injury. &#160;3 months after that surgery I developed a huge cyst on top of my acromyn joint and did not trust this doctor. &#160;So my lawyer after 1 1/2 sends me to a "top" doctor in chicago. &#160;It is 6 months after he did a bicep tendenosis, subacromial decompression...sorry about the spelling....and since he refused to see me to follow up after one post op visit, my company just sent me to another doctor. &#160;It is there where I found out he removed a portion of my clavicle joint because he cyst was in the bone, so the report says. &#160;My clavicle bone also sticks out and I am unable to sleep on my right side, pretty much move my arm in any direction. &#160;Only position that relieves the pain is putting my arm behind my back. &#160;I am so depressed over 4 years of pain since the accident, but 100% worse after this second surgery. &#160;And worst is the surgeon refuses to take any responsibility for it. &#160;He said I am just disabled now, and that the pain is coming from a neck fusion I had done 3 years ago. &#160;I never had this pain until his surgery. &#160;I was told also there is nothing they can do once they remove the bone, they can't graft. &#160;I am relieved to read the other posts but sad we are all suffering with no solution to our pain. &#160;I didn't know what a distal clavicle resection was until this other doctor I just saw showed me the piece of bone missing from my bone. &#160;This constant pain is causing more neck pain also. &#160;Thanks</p>
 10/27/2012 12:30 AM

Author Icon

Hi! I just had the Distal Clavical Resection operation done Sept 14, 2012, in an open operation WITH the "scopes"also being used front and back. The ortho guy did all this: resectioning of the clavical ( removed 1 inch) , resectioning of the Labrum, resectioning of the bursa ,resurfacing of the humeruse and removal of bone spurs. According to the ortho guy, once he got inside for a look-see with the "scopes" everything was a really BAD mess soooo he HAD to open me up with an incision to do the clavical resection because he had to remove an inch of bone.... too much to remove through a "scope" hole. Enough about the operation... I am now well into 6 weeks after the operation, and am in horrific pain. I have had 5 weeks of passive physical therapy, and have cried through most of it, even though I took some powerful pain meds an hour and half prior to actually doing the physical therapy. I had the one month ortho doc visit and he said that I shoulsd not be expercing anywhere near the level of pain I was expercing. He did an ultra-sound, and found that there was still an abnormal amount of swelling , and a lot of fluid in the surgery site. I too have extreme sensitivity on the scar, ( which the ortho said should not be so sensitive) and the outer-most edge of my shoulder-my scapular bone I guess is extremly sore. I WAKE up most mornings crying from the pain in my shoulder. HOW long is this severe pain going to last?
 09/28/2012 01:50 AM

Author Icon

Hi Lokobreed, I have the big bump too after distal clavicle resection and decompression. It has been pretty disapointing to say the least. I went in just for treating impingement and come out with the big step off deformity associated with a separated shoulder. I have not been able to get a straight answer from anyone. If you ever check the forum please let me know how you progressed. Most post and then never return to let people know how things turned out. Your the only one I know that has had this same problem as a complication to surgery. Thanks[br]
 05/22/2012 03:36 AM

Author Icon

I would like others input and exp with this..I had a mumford distal clavicle resection,...basically they cut out the end of my clavical and it was an open surgery not arthoscopic...and had a nerve block that stayed in for 3 days...pain was controlled well by this but my surgery was on 11/11/11 and I am still in pain and have had weeks of physical therapy....[br][br]I was having pain down my arm and they said I had bicep tendonitis and I still cannot sleep on shoulder, cant get it all the way over head, and at times it pops and grinds, and I cannot like push down with my arm for example if you were standing and leaned over and put boths palms down on a bed that pressure would hurt in my shoulder, the incision is better now but the area just beside it over the joing is super sensitive and hurts for anyone to touch it or even my bra strap to get over it. This has been the most painful thing ever and I would have 20 kids before I would want this surgery again..[br][br]I am a workers comp case and my doc thinks I have bicep tendonitis and maybe some arthritis and now workers comp has stopped my pt and told me to do them at home.[br][br]And they sent me to another doc they chose who says that at 2 weeks when I came in to get stitches out I should have been able to do anything including raise arm over head and behind back..I told him there was not way....anyone else having this problem...and got any ideas...and not only can I not lay on shoulder, I love to out my arm under a pillow to sleep on and that move causes great is my right arm and I am right handed, I have also lost a lot of the strength in my hand, my left hand is a 32 on machine that measure strength and my right on injured shoulder measures an 18, any one esle lose strength in had??? all help is much appreciated...
 03/01/2011 03:50 PM

Author Icon

I am 45yrs old also and just had surgery yesterday. Had dcr and rotator cuff tear repair as well as bone spur. I was afraid to have it done because of everything that I was reading about pain but its not as painful as i imagined. [br]Yes there is some pain but tolerabe and the muscles are very tight. I also thought to myself that maybe i could just live with the pain that i was having and maybe the surgery would leave me in more pain than before but i am hopeful now that the surgery is over and the pain isnt as bad as i imagined. I think with the pysical therapy, i can have a complete recovery and be better than i was before.
 02/26/2011 02:03 PM

Author Icon

Why do you think you will have criplling arthirits... if the bones were taken care of your arthirits should have been cleared out at that time too... I think you may have the pain you have now but nothing more so than that... Dont stress out to much about the future pain...[br][br]I understand your concern though as I have had two shoulder surgeries and my shoulder sucks more now than ever
 02/22/2011 09:00 AM

Author Icon

I have just been discharged (I think) for my OS despite ongoing shoulder problems. To date I have had a subacromial decompression, one arthroscopic excision of clavicle and one open excision of clavicle. In between this I have endured endless cortisone injections, scans, pulse nerve therapy and am now on amitryptiline. I still don't know if my injury was down to a skiing fall or just something that happens over time?[br]However I saw the OS yesterday due to some scarring which has gone hypertrophic, and he also asked about the shoulder in general. He examined me again and gave me a cortisone shot as I am still getting clavicle pain sleeping, and also a tender area around my coroid process. I kind of got the impression he couldn't do anything else for me, although he vaguely said he was thinking of other means to sort the problem out, but they were only very vague thoughts and didn't expand on this. I felt when I left as though it was a good luck handshake, and that was it, oh and £70 poorer![br]I have come home feeling absolutely gutted that 2 surgeons have now failed to completely sort the problem out. The second OS has done a good job and has helped me to a reasonable degree but am now feeling very alone, and being only 38 feel that this kind of problem will be with me forever and I now have no medical professional on hand for help. I really felt this consultation was "the end of the road as far as any further help on this matter was concerned" and all the options with this problem have reached no proper conclusion. [br]What have other people done in these situations? I felt useless going to see him yesterday....maybe other patients would have kicked up a bit more for answers, I'm not like that and feel worthless and stupid for going yesterday. I know I do have one shoulder that slouches a little which is why I have had impingement etc, but this is much improved and am not lazy at exercise and strengthening these muscles around my shoulder, yet still having problems. I am left with intermittent night time pain and probably crippling arthritis by the time I retire! Can anyone advise on their experiences ?
 02/06/2011 05:34 PM

Author Icon

I'm waiting for a date for a Distal Clavicle resection and decompression - I'm a keen Tennis player (county/national level and play/compete on a daily basis - Years of aggresive play and heavy gym work have given me some pain in my AC Joint and Tendnitis) meaning I can't compete at the highest level.[br][br]I don't have much pain other than when competing/lifting and even when I do I can still lift more and beat most other competitors so I question whether I should have the operation or just accept I am slightly worse than I should be which would happen anyway as I get older (I'm nearly 45 years old now and I suppose on a natural downward curve anyway).[br][br]I am also concerned about the long term prognosis of the operation (i.e will it be as good as new) ??[br][br]Do I really want to go through with the pain (which I have read is quite considerable when I don't have that much now when not competing) and will it all be worth it in the end.[br][br]Any advice/comments would be welcomed.[br][br]Thanks[br][br][br][br]
 02/01/2011 02:25 AM

Author Icon

[br]I have had a sub decomp 2 years ago, and since then an arthroscopic DCR and a year ago an open DCR.[br]I wouldn't say I have been fantastic since but reasonable, however, my doctor has now tried me on some amitriptyline 10mg which is helping me sleep but not doing enough for any discomfort so may need to up the dose a little, or try something different.[br]However, for the past 2 weeks I have noticed that I am getting the pain I had pre DCR, and also I am getting some very mild crunching in my shoulder when I am maybe sat on my laptop at home in the armchair? It is only when I make small arm movements but not sure why it's doing it.[br]Once you have had this kind of procedure is it likely to reoccur, as I feel so silly going back and mentioning it again to my OS? Sometimes these things persist so long, you start to feel embarrassed at the number of times you need to visit hospitals etc. I thought that once surgery is complete then things get back to normal?[br]
 01/18/2011 04:23 PM

Author Icon

Stal: I would definitely recommend the DCR. I had mine Oct 13 and im not going to lie, the 1st 3 nights sucked. But after that, it got better each day. It took me about 1 month before i could sleep flat on my back without a pillow propped under it. Its been 3 months now and i have no pain ( unless its cold) haha. I am doing regular Crossfit workouts. I;m glad i did it. Let me know if you have anymore questions about the procedure. Good luck
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