ac separation questions

Topic Title: ac separation questions
Created On: 03/17/2011 04:54 AM

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 03/17/2011 04:54 AM

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Hi all,
About 1.5 weeks ago, i was goofing around with some friends and was slammed into a wall with my arm raised above my head. The impact brought me to the ground and while i don't remember exactly what happened (like if my arm popped out of place, etc), i do remember the pain and thinking i broke my arm (i had never broken a bone before). The next day my shoulder was sore but i had full range of motion for the most part (it hurt to hold my arm straight up or to move it back while my arm was out). I was able to do a few pushups without pain the day after injury but didnt want to push it too much. my shoulder felt fine if i didnt use it too much but would ache occasionally (not sure if this was actual pain or me just thinking about it too much, probably a mix of both). my shoulder felt weak and i would have to sleep with pillows under my arm (because it would feel as though it was dropping down too far out of place, i also felt this way from standing with my arm unsupported for too long). the main discomfort is when im trying to get comfortable to sleep (although this has improved over past 1.5 weeks). While i don't know if i just overlooked it at first, but after 2 or 3 days i noticed the end of my shoulder had a bump larger than on my good shoulder. i saw a doctor after about 5 days. the pain had not worsened at this point but remained the same (which was more of just an annoying aching feeling) and the bump on my shoulder was making me mentally uncomfortable. the doctor checked it out, had me do various tests pressing on his hands in different directions. i did all this pain free and the only time it hurt was when he pull my arm back. i told him about the bump and he told me because of my general lack of pain that i probably dislocated my shoulder temporarily and that i had just never noticed the bump on my shoulder before from a possible previous injury (although im certain i didnt have this bump on my shoulder and only shoulder injuries i could recall were childhood shoulder dislocations on each arm). he opted for xrays but i informed him i do not have health insurance and he told me that "honestly, i dont expect to find anything different from an xray." so i didnt get one. i had been resting my shoulder quite a bit through this time and too much use (even using a computer mouse or typing) would make it ache more. after about 7 days i noticed the first improvements in my arm, although my shoulder still felt weak. now at about 10-11 days after injury, it feels even better but not 100 percent. my shoulderblade in my back sometimes feels awkward when sitting or laying down but this has subsided somewhat as the days progress. although, the "droopy" feeling in my shoulder seems to be diminishing, it is still there from time to time. from everything i read online about the bump on my shoulder is that this is subject of type 2 or 3 shoulder separation. however, the amount of pain i felt in the past 1.5 weeks doesnt correlate with the pain described by people who have been diagnosed with type 2 or 3 ac separations and seems more likely a type 1 separation or not even separation at all (although the bump seems to point towards 2 or 3). my doc didnt think i suffered from ac injury (as said before, because of my lack of pain while visiting he felt it was from previous injury). other than rest, icing, etc. are there are specific exercises or stretches that i can do to strengthen my arm? it still feels loose and funny at times (mainlywhen im thinking about it too much) but feels better after doing things like push ups, etc. likes its more tight or held together. i can push the end of my collarbone up and down on my shoulder when i hold my arm certain ways but this does not cause pain, just freaks my girlfriend out haha. Do i require surgery (would like to avoid) for long term quality of life? Does strengthening shoulder muscles help keep a possible separation held together? any advice is greatly appreciated. i am 27 yrs old. i am just confused between what i feel, what the doctor i saw said, and what ive been reading online about similar injuries. thanks.
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