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October 22, 2021  
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Topic Title: Shoulder seperating after surgery again
Created On: 10/03/2012 05:44 PM
 10/03/2012 08:26 PM

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Sorry to hear that you got in an accident. I was hit on my motorcycle in '07 and was thrown to pavement getting grade 4 a/c joint separation - didn't have any surgery- doc's all said wait and see. The sad truth is that until I found this website I thought I was going to go crazy with pain until i read other peoples experiences. It took me 3 years NOT to think about my shoulder hurting everyday. The plain truth is that you won't ever be 100 % the same person - it took my 4 years to accept that. After 5 years it still hurts when I over do it. I take muscle relaxers when it really gets bad. I wish doctors would just be truthfull about long term problems - but if they haven't experienced it -they really don't know how bad it can be. Listen to your body. It can be very frustrating but you will get better over time. You're not alone. Best wishes.
 10/03/2012 05:44 PM

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I was in an auto accident on 2/7/2012 which resulted in a 4/5 level seperation. I had an operation to repair it, including installation of a plate on 3/9/2012. About 4 weeks after surgery I started very easy physical therapy. The doctor kept told me to really work it because the shoulder could have signifcant range of motion issues if I didn't. Though, I wasn't every able to get greater than about 50% range of motion due the the plate restricting it. The plate was then removed on 8/3/2012. I quickly got about 90% of my range of motion back and started some light weight lifting. I got back to lifting about 50 lbs bench press.[br][br]Now at the tail-end of September, I detected a bump reappearing. I went back to the doctor and after x-rays, he says it now sas a level 1 seperation. He said to lay off the weight lifting and come back in a month. The doctor says that walking is fine but I've noticed that I've experienced significant pain when I go on lenghty walks. So I'm go to listen to my body and not the doctor. It it hurts then then my body is telling me not to do it.[br][br]I'm really frustrated at this point. I'm back to sleeping in a recliner and am thinking might be good to start wearing the sling again.
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