Separated Shoulder. Acromioclavicular joint injury

Topic Title: Separated Shoulder. Acromioclavicular joint injury
Created On: 10/05/2010 09:56 AM

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 10/05/2010 09:56 AM

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I separated mine (Grade 3) 6 weeks ago, after 12 days of that pain we all know!! It was feeling better. After a few visits to the hospital. I was offered the Opp by the surgeon and advised of the complications. After much research, and if I'm honest the thought of that lump on my shoulder forever. I decided to go for the operation (Weaver Dunn), Was done 4 weeks ago today. Recovery was going fine until this week at PT, I informed them that i was getting pins and needles in my little finger and my ring finger and that I had shooting pains at my shoulder and neck. I was given some tests and some new exercises to do. I was told I have some sort of nerve damage/ trapped nerve. and that I need to go to the doctors and get some Amitriptyline. I don't like taking painkillers and have taken the minimum (When waking at night) amount throughout the recovery. I checked them out and don't really want to go down this road.

On returning home I researched and found that the nerve in question is the Ulnar Nerve, (from your shoulder around your elbow to your wrist then fingers) And that I may have ulnar nerve entrapment. I was sure this was a consequence of the Opp. (Bugger) After some more digging I found that this could have happened

Because the elbow was immobilised for a length of time.

I was not told this by the surgeon or the PT that visited me after the Opp??

Can't seem to find any similar experiences, Yet I feel this information should be out there. I am hoping to get an appointment the next few days or next week to discus the matter with the surgeon..

I would say "be careful of the amount of time you immobilise your elbow wouldn't want this to happen to anybody else.....Ask your doc about it".

Hopefully if its not degenerative, I can sort this with good PT..... Really Not looking forward to another Opp

Les T Morris Age 43

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