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May 27, 2020  
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Topic Title: 3rd degree separation help
Created On: 05/13/2010 10:38 AM
 06/14/2011 10:36 PM

Author Icon

Coming up on 4th year of accident (A/C Joint Sep), shoulder pain is less but having new problem; forearm pain with numbness in hand and fingers "locking up" in closed position when making fist. Can feel it connected all the way to shoulder. Some good days, some bad days. So another post about ulnar nerve entrapment, going to check this out and see what I come up with. Glad to see some people are getting help with their problems. Good luck everyone.
 01/31/2011 05:24 AM

Author Icon

Hi. I similarly have a grade 3 dislocation. Have been treating it conservatively (4+months) with guided physical therapy. Have seen orthopaedic surgeons but also sports medicine doctors. The sports medicine doctors have explained the situation a lot clearer. Maybe see a good sports medicine doctor before getting another operation. Have you had a chance to get another opinion?
 10/05/2010 10:02 AM

Author Icon

I separated mine (Grade 3) 6 weeks ago, after 12 days of that pain we all know!! It was feeling better. After a few visits to the hospital. I was offered the Opp by the surgeon and advised of the complications. After much research, and if I'm honest the thought of that lump on my shoulder forever. I decided to go for the operation (Weaver Dunn), Was done 4 weeks ago today. Recovery was going fine until this week at PT, I informed them that i was getting pins and needles in my little finger and my ring finger and that I had shooting pains at my shoulder and neck. I was given some tests and some new exercises to do. I was told I have some sort of nerve damage/ trapped nerve. and that I need to go to the doctors and get some Amitriptyline. I don't like taking painkillers and have taken the minimum (When waking at night) amount throughout the recovery. I checked them out and don't really want to go down this road. On returning home I researched and found that the nerve in question is the Ulnar Nerve, (from your shoulder around your elbow to your wrist then fingers) And that I may have ulnar nerve entrapment. I was sure this was a consequence of the Opp. (Bugger) After some more digging I found that this could have happened Because the elbow was immobilised for a length of time. I was not told this by the surgeon or the PT that visited me after the Opp?? Can't seem to find any similar experiences, Yet I feel this information should be out there. I am hoping to get an appointment the next few days or next week to discus the matter with the surgeon.. I would say "be careful of the amount of time you immobilise your elbow wouldn't want this to happen to anybody else.....Ask your doc about it". Hopefully if its not degenerative, I can sort this with good PT..... Really Not looking forward to another Opp Les T Morris Age 43
 06/26/2010 01:03 PM

Author Icon

[p]Mikes1, I would see another orthopod if you can't live with it. I'd personally see 1 of 3 surgeons if I had the chance (in no order, because they can all operate on me without hesitation) Dr Iannotti - the Cleveland Clinic Dr. Williams - the Rothman Institute Dr. Warner - Harvard You have a better than 50% chance of pain relief if you are willing to go through with it and give them the time to "trouble shoot" your issues with imaging studies, steroid injections, and arthroscopic surgery. Mike [/p]
 06/24/2010 03:57 PM

Author Icon

[p]I'm heading into my third year of having a level 3 a/c joint separation from motorcycle accident (got hit by car and thrown back onto pavement) -still have pain issues. Got the same treatment from ER doctors, gave me tylenol and sent home. Started re-hab but discontinued because they were causing more pain than good. Seen Ortho doc. who basically said "live with it" and who wouldn't give me pain pills. Went to Mayo in Minn. to look at surgery options, they said to wait 6 months and come back. All my research into surgery looked only 50% successful, not good enough odds to me. That's why Ortho docs are conservative. Steriods shots helped a little but almost as painful as "normal" pain. I wish I could be more positive but the a/c joint has to many things connected to it for it ever to be normal again. Massage seemed to help with the "tightness" and pain but expensive to do all the time. Hope yours turns out better.[/p]
 06/21/2010 02:42 PM

Author Icon

[p]I am sorry to hear about your shoulder. If you are still looking for a doctor to discuss your injury and whether or not you need surgery or even just physical therapy, you can use the [url=/reference/find_doctor10.cfm]physician finder[/url] in order to help you find one in your area. While everyone’s injuries are not always the same, [url=/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=58&threadid=16970&enterthread=y]here[/url] are some other stories of people who were diagnosed with a 3[sup]rd[/sup] degree shoulder separation and have opted out of surgery and how they are doing months later. You might find their stories a little uplifting and useful when making your decision about whether to get surgery or not. `[/p]
 05/18/2010 11:46 PM

Author Icon

[p]Hello all, very lax joints in general. double digit or more dislocations both shoulders, 3rd degree separations both shoulders. Currently very active sports and i am 30 yrs old. Never had surgery on anything. Years of rehab on both. Currently experience few issues with any shoulder issues after 5 years of no injuries. I would describe both shoulders as fragile, but no more than anyone. Avoiding major trauma is the #1 goal. Started lifting weights again and avoid bench press, but substitute fly which is almost same. Time will tell about athritis, i am sure i will get it, but until then i have never seen anyone return to sports the same without reinjury even with surgery. Played college soccer, currently race downhill mtb and ski all year around in the NW. I cant throw a ball like I used to, but have modified(sidearm) to accomodate instability due to dislocations. Separations cause odd feel, but even with bone sticking up I dont feel impairment. Again, avoiding traumatic injury and falls is the #1 key and have been very successful at that by doing all sports at 3/4 pace and throwing sports to below half. I enjoy my sports dont regret my decisions to stay active or not elect surgery. I would never rock climb or become a gymnast due to possible injury, but never did to begin with. Hope this helps people decide the surgery/no surgery debate with shoulders. FYI, i have also had 3 acl reconstructions and am glad i did as I could not do what i do today without that surgery, too much wieght and too much strain downhill skiing. It seems the shoulders are able to be strengthened better than knees and can handle the strain better after years of rehab.[/p]
 05/17/2010 01:17 PM

Author Icon

[p]Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I did the same thing on a dirtbike a little under 4 years ago. My Dr recommended conservative treatment and I did not do surgery. He felt that arthritis was more likely with surgery. I have full range of motion and I'm back to doing everything I was doing before. That being said, I still get dull pain after a long day. I feel pretty strong, but I will never be able to bench press much weight. I feel stress in the should long before my chest actually gets a workout and need to keep the weight down. My clavicle protrudes quit a bit when i reach down. And by "quite a bit", I mean it looks like it's going to rip through the skin. Easily an inch of elevation when I reach down to tie my shoes. I'm okay with the deformity, but if I was in your shoes and wanted to keep breakdancing, I would think about surgery. The end of the bone feels very weird (not painful, it's hard to explain) when it's rubbed the wrong way. I couldn't imagine trying a windmill with it. If you do go through surgery, do it sooner than later. My recovery too a long time. I injured it on 8/23, spent 6 weeks in a brace (which was a waste of time), did 6 weeks of physical therapy and continued to do the exercises in the gym throughout the winter. I got back on my dirtbike in May, but was limited to rolling around. I was actually able to jump again before being able to get through bumps. It seemed that my shoulder could handle the impact of coming down on the bike better than the motion in the bumps where the bars were pulling away from me. I'd say it was 18 months before I was feeling close to normal, but 4 years later I still have it in the back of my mind a lot. I wrote a topic a while back asking about long term issues a while back, but didn't get much feedback. My recovery is detailed a little better there, [url=/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=58&threadid=16101&highlight_key=y&keyword1=ac%20separation]AC separation (3rd degree) long term re-injuries?[/url] My old screenname was Ken71. Best of luck! [/p]
 05/15/2010 12:39 PM

Author Icon

[p]a/c seperations are easy to fix. you have headaches because the shoulder is connected to your spine and you now have cervicogenic type headaches. the distal end of your clavicle needs to be adjusted down (chiropractors use arthrostims). you then need exercise tubing over the end of the clavicle to bring it down and exercise with it. a video to show you the right way would be best. [/p]
 05/14/2010 07:47 AM

Author Icon

[p]They don't usually give you a name unless you ask. They leave that up to you. You may have to pull out the phonebook or do a Google search for orthopedic surgeons in your area.[/p]
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